Fantatec CSL Elite PS4 with McLaren GT3 wheel not working on ACC Xbox version

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I have the CSL Elite PS4 wheel with the McLaren GT3 wheel to make it xbox compatible. All my other driving games (Forza Horizons 4 Forza 7 etc) are working fine with the wheel but ACC is not getting any pedal or wheel movements. The wheel buttons are operating fine in the game but not the steering or pedals!! Anyone else have this issue? Tried the clear bindings etc and no joy.



  • Same here with Podium DD2, McLaren GT3 wheel on xbox1.

  • Michael,

    Well that is kinda good news - I am not alone!!

    Let us hope that Kunos/Fanatec fix this - there are afterall a lot of Fanatec signs as you drive round the track (with a controller arrgh!!)


  • Same here but with CSL elite with the P1.

    No steering or pedal input. I think its a pretty common issue.

    Even my buddies with Thrustmaster are having problems

  • I saw this comment on twitter and it actually works!

    Load into a session and sit in pit lane. Pull out the usb to the wheel and put it back in again. Wait a bit for it to be recognised and it should work. The FFB needs some work though

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Yes, disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable seems to be a valid workaround for now.

    Kunos are collecting info here: and working on the first patch.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Yes, it kinda works but I would not call it a workaround as it barely gets the wheel operating. Force Feedback is pretty bad as noted and trying to bind keys/save settings is very hit and miss but at least was able to get a few laps in and try a few cars/tracks. On my Xbox One X it was very smooth and the graphics were great- Spa at 8pm was very nice with the long shadows.

  • Same here with Clubsport V2.5 with Formula V2 on Xbox One X.

  • I have the older ClubSport V2 with CSL P1 Elite and same thing. Not recognized.

    The funny thing is the only reason I have the original Assetto Corsa for Xbox One is that is came with my Fantatec wheel purchase…

  • It is all a bit ironic given the Fantatec sponsor boards around the track that their own wheels don't work!!


  • I hope everyone with the issue fills out the bug report to the developer. The issues are at least as much on them as they are on Fanatec.

  • I don't see how its a Fanatec problem when it works fine with F1 and Forza on my Xbox. This is an issue with the game and its developer.

  • What do you mean? You are not following the trend? As per forum, it is always Fanatec's fault too... For some if a guy wearing Fanatec T-shirt farts next to you in the bus, it is Fanatec's fault too. 😂😂🤣🤣

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