Adapter and CSL pedals. Non lc calibration

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Hello fellow fana-head's. I just got my adapter and updated firmware for pedals. But there is no calibration option. And its not close to calibrated sadly.

Could someone tell me how to calibrate via the adapter?

I looked trough faq and found only info abut shifter. And shifter had a calibration button over sensor indicators.

Google searched and still em but no luck yet. Hope there someone who knows:) Yes for pc.

"Then open the PC driver and activate the checkbox for

'Enable manual calibration mode, see picture on right hand side

Cant find anywhere to check/un-check that

Its clearly on auto calibration mode. End points are now calibrated but not start.


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    I think there is a misunderstanding here. Based on the manual here:

    The normal (non load-cell) pedals don't have the checkbox, its on automatic calibration mode by default. Connecting them through the USB adapter doesn't change that. Page 29, 30, 31 of the manual are for the LC version.

    The LC pedals (which shouldn't be connected over the USB adapter, but directly to the wheelbase (over RJ12) or directly to the PC (USB)) have that option when you connect them over USB to the PC.

    Calibration of the normal pedals can be done through the game / sim you are using.

    I don't see it in your screenshot, but: if you get pedal input before pressing the pedal it can be that the cables have a defect (don't let them get stuck between rig and the baseplate!) or that there is a problem with the potentiometer.

  • Thx for the respond much appreciated.

    Well my problem with the usb adapter , is that the resolution is clearly much lower can see the steps. max 128 steps. Where as it was way more bit rate trough base, But it flickerd. So was hard to keep it stable. but more stable with lower bit rate it seem.

    Also why can u calibrate it trough base not adapter? The first 5% of travel has no input what so ever. And end of the 3% ish no input. I cant calibrate that into the game. (Is there a Ini file that saves the calibration witch maybe can modify manual?)

    Would buying the loadcell pedal for it would fix so i can calibrate every pedal? (without base) If so why cant it be unlocked without it?

    I love the feeling of this pedals. And i rly want em to work as intended. But using 50 eu to get a usb adapter send here, Is waste that i feel i could somehow be warned abut before buying it. Half price of what the pedals acutely cost. To get much much worse results with not the same options to calibrate if u use it with base.

    But honestly am abit worried abut the company that made me fall in love with sim racing, And showed me what sim racing should feel like years and years ago. I been super happy with the customer service over the years. I felt safe in doing business with em. But lately am worried abut a few aspects of what happen lately trough Fanatec .

    First sign is the forum posts as of late, Everything from paid order not being sent before late. With support not answering

    Close to no Moderators that takes time to answers ppl problems on forum.

    The chaos after web site/Office change. Where i feel they lost control,

    Products that forces you to use Fanatec ONLY to enjoy

    My account that have removed every thing i bought on this account from 2013 is gone poof!

    And now i cant Log into the account anymore, (Only forum)

    I never written a post like this before, And i dont want to . But there so little that needs to be fix the roomers going around inn sim community as of late.

    Hire a active forum staff that answers frustrated ppl faster, So it don't spread to other forums.

    From the bottom of my heart i want Fanatec thrive and give out good competitiveness for the Sim community, and am super happy to see the stock rises. But out side looking inn as an old customer i dont feel at ease lately,

    I dont expect answer on last part of my post. But hope my thoughts/ worries comes trough somehow.

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