Club Sport Shifter and Handbrake

I have seen a few people on the fb forum post about a new shifter and handbrake being ready to be released soon. Anyone here hear the same rumors? I would hate to order both of the current versions now only for the new ones to be released a month later.


  • Fake News, nothing was mentioned that anything is coming "soon".

    It was mentioned that sometime in the future its planned to have a Shifter and Handbrake in every product range (so also in CSL and Podium and not just in ClubSport as of now) but thats long term, not anything soon.

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    Thats exciting! Im pretty happy with both but a more robust handbrake and H-pattern would definitely be welcome!

    The H-pattern could be improved by having tighter tolerances overall, a shorter throw, better quality bearings and better finished castings internally. I remember when I opened mine up there were chunks and slivers of aluminum from the casting process that hadnt been filed smooth before assembly and fell off and stuck in the grease. The bearings all had a noticeable amount of play in them individually, and that set screw in between the main shaft slot to keep from twisting and allowing the shaft to ride against something needs to be better executed. I makes the unit feel toy-like imo. A much more rubust side to side spring when in neutral would be an improvement too and something to remove the lash. I actually made a short video taking care of some of these issues with some around the house or easily attainable items.

    The handbrake is especially in need of a new design. Get rid of the potentiometer and get rid of that flimy ball joint and weird fragile headphone jack for output.

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