CSL elite pedals Slot cover

Rinus HuismanRinus Huisman Member
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Dear Fanatec,

I think the  Slot cover of the pedalplate is too soft. Often my heel goes stuck into the slot-hole and also it fasten the wear of my round heel of my sparco shoes. I think this is an little oversight and I think believe it should be improved by either a harder slot cover or perhaps a thicker one. Or make the pedals longer, so the slot cover is more onto the beginning of the pedalplate instead of near the pedals.

I am already looking for a cover, but it's hard to do cause it must not too be too thick or too soft or too hard.




  • Just did put some aluminium foil into the empty slots. Let see how that turn out.

  • I also notice that soles of shoes wear faster cause of the bristly coating/surface of the CSL Elite Pedals

  • Tony AndersonTony Anderson Member
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    Anyone else experiencing the above? the position/angle of my pedals , combined with my pedal foot motions result in constant heel catches on the rubber and into the slot. really off putting. i find i need to constantly adjust my feet which is not helping me form muscle memory and is just distracting.

    is it the same for everyone? do i just need to try adjusting my position, pedal distance, angle etc - or is there some other solution (ideally a hard cover) but anything considered please.

    I know it sounds pretty dumb (does to me at least) but it is killing my immersion when I am thinking about my feet at the expense of my hands!

    Thanks in advance,

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