No rumble on V3 throttle

The rumble on my brake pedal works ok both while racing and when testing using the properties tab. My throttle also has a rumble when I test it but this doesn't transfer itself to a rumble when racing.

Am I missing a setting? It did used to work so why has it stopped?

My throttle also seems to have a lag when accelerating - in 1st gear it is taking an unnaturally long time to get up to speed. Is this related? Shall I post this second problem separately?


  • Only Project CARS 2 natively supports the throttle vibration motor AFAIK.

    To use it properly you should download FanaLab, with that tool you can enable that in almost every Sim by using live telemetry from the game.

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
    edited December 2019

    maybe this is applicable to you too?

    i have to do this to get all clubsport motors to work on project cars 2 in comp mode, dirt rally 2.0 in ps4 mode and wreckfest too. all titles really except on gt sport, no flags anymore, but clubsport motors work most of the time.

  • Thank you for your Maurice & Aaron...

    I'm a PC user not PS4 and the rumble isn't working on ACC. I haven't tested it on PC2 but I have the game in my library so I will test it and report back.

    I will download fanalab - for some reason I thought it might not be appropriate for my games. I have PC1 & 2, AC and ACC, Dirt Rally 2, ETS2 and ATS. And I use a NLR V3 motion platform rig.

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