missig my order

salve a tutti ho un problema ho acquistato un il volante p1 + base il giorno 2 dicembre 2019, sino ad ora non ho avuto risposta o mail di conferma ordine.

ho controllato la mia carta ed il pagamento è avvenuto presso la loro banca

ho provato a contattarli ma ad oggi mi ha risposto un computer con risposte automatiche.

contattatemi a questa mail grazie


  • This forum is English only please. Use an online translator if necessary.

    "hi to all I have a problem I bought a steering wheel p1 + base on December 2, 2019, until now I have not had an answer or order confirmation email.

    I checked my card and the payment was made at their bank

    I tried to contact them but to date a computer with automatic replies answered me.

    contact me at this email thanks"

    I have removed your email address since this is a public forum, to prevent it from ending up on spam lists.

    I have forwarded your question to the webshop to look into.

  • Thank you remco, they contacted me and we should have solved it

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