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Hey people

I was trying the ffb settings from fanatec and want to chare my toughts en settings.

I have the podium dd1 F1 wheel and tride the setting but i think it can be better. the FEI/ffb insensity setting needs to be on 20/30 because otherwise IT is to shocky and verry exaggaraded.

If you do that you can slide the road/curb and slip to wathever you like and IT wil be prenounsed but not heavy and shocky.

IT is the FEI/ffb insensity setting that makes IT not feel right and exaggaraded.

so if you let the FEI/ffb insensity setting on 100 you have no room to adjust the ingame setting. The ffb is very exaggaraded to intens and shocky. If you put the FEI/ffb insensity setting lower when using the setting from fanatec you discover that everything wil be les prenounsed and you can now start to adjust the settings in game. when you now up the values in game the ffb wil be more prenounced and not super shocky and very good to handle in my opinion.

You can turn the in game setting to whatever you like of course if you feel that something is to mutch or to little!

My settings are:

Ff 45/50

Sho 100

Abs off

For 100

Spring of or on

Dpr 100

Ndp 70

Nfr 3

Fei 30

Mps auto

In game settings are

Ffb 75

Kerb 50/100

Road 20/30

Slip 35/45

Understeer on

If you are looking for other settings insted of the fanatec standard setting please give IT a try and tel me what you think?

Hope to hear from you!.

Gr Peter v Bussel


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Hi Peter,

    Why such a high NDP setting? I would say rarely go above 25. 80 will give you a very heavily dampened wheel.

    The reason you are feeling exaggerated or shocking results is most likely due to the superficial effects such as kerb/road/slip and understeer. I would suggest turning those off and having FEI at 80 to start.

  • Hi Joseph

    thanks for the comment!

    If you set the fei setting on 20/30 then you can turn the NDP to 80.

    so if you set the FEI on 80/100 then is 25 a good numer for NDP but everything els is to much and you can't adjust anything in game because it wil even more exaggerated and shocky.

    it is to intense i think, you can make it les intense and adjust it if you put the FEI lower.

    if you put the FEI that High you can't adjust anything because it is already the limmit whit 50 FFB from fanatec.

    gr peter

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