problems with support?

Has anyone been having problems with support getting back with you? I have sent a few request to them requesting a brake part for my v3's. Nothing but crickets, lol, its been almost 3 weeks since the first request. kinda makes me want to move to another brand.


  • I am also waiting for 7 days now to get a response.

  • Maybe these SOBs are in vacations because I’m also waiting on them

  • They are off until Jan 2

  • Support contacted me today, my question is answered and solved.

  • I emailed support about my order placed on 11/22 and literally did not hear back until after my order shipped on 12/19. Ironically at that point that just messaged me to tell me that I had reached the technical support department and that I needed to email sales.

    I actually emailed both of them on 11/22. Sales still hasn’t gotten back to me as of 12/23. Luckily my order came correctly.

    Im happy that Fanatec’s quality control seems to be very good, because their communication is basically nonexistent (that’s my experience at least). Not trying to make a big stink but you guys really need to reply to support messages and at least post a turnaround time for responses

  • yup, my mistress fanatec, she comes to me as she pleases, but satisfying like no other?

  • Yeah we all are asking fanatec questions, in the email ,this forum I and various other places just not very close to getting any answers anywhere it seems like these days, Except for maurice and Marcel when stuff goes wrong.

    I've emailed regarding the Warranty, asked questions of the sales team , emailed the webshop, website and any tree i might shake a response from.


    Can i Buy A Dampener for the v3i accelerator that matches my pedals or are they only in v3 colors?

    Can i buy Ps button caps for my ps4 ready product that doent have them or match the button key in the quick guide?

    How will the warranty situation in my account be reconciled and when, as i have heard many things said by fanatec and not much has been delivered to this point except unfinished products?

    However, i emailed a old support ticket and now they're trying to verify my gifts from my brother and wife are legitimate purchases and not from "somewhere else" as worded in the email.

    Im kind of insulted that we spent this much with Fanatec and they treat me like this and has been this way since i purchased a Csl elite,loadcell starter as soon as the were announced ps4 and Gt sport implemented and bow i have the Dd1 ps4 and a mess of other stuff.

    Hey Fanatec, I have the purchase and shipping invoices , ever think of asking me that oh and all 3 of us have the same address or last name?

    Ever dawn on you to ask me for them?

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