My Podium racing Wheel f1 and my Club Sport V3 don’t work whit my games Forza motorsport 7


I recently bought a Podium Racing wheel F1 steering wheel and a Club Sport V3 crankset from Fanatec. This steering wheel works with certain games but does not work with my Forza Motorsport 7 games from Microsoft for pc. I’ve done all the updates. I would like to know if this steering wheel is compatible with this game and if so, how to make the games recognize it. I tried to get my steering wheel recognized by plugging in as fanatec 2.5 and all the other fanatec registered steering wheels in the game. My steering wheel is still not recognized. I’m very sorry.

Thank you for answering me.

Alain Cyr

[email protected]


  • G'day Alain,

    I also had this problem, I'm running the DD1 with Formula V2 and clubsport pedals through an Xbox One. No wheel option was available within the controller settings.

    I struggled to find a solution, I was also told my setup wasn't supported by the game. I came across a google post that mentioned the same problem. The solution through the Xbox menu involved selecting a new sign in profile, reselecting the same profile and restarting the game.

    Now works without issues, wheel selection is available and wheel recognised. Not sure if this applies through a PC however at least you know the games does work.



  • PC version works fine with that configuration. Of course I have an issue with mismatching steering wheel angle at 400 degree at steering wheel and this what is seen on the screen but beyond of that everything works fine.

  • rakh1rakh1 Member

    I have the issue with FM7 on Xbox and my DD1 and Clubsport xbox hub with the BME module. Works fine in Project Cars 2, but weird phantom button presses and lack of shifter paddles working in FM7. All on latest firmware.. restarts do not help. I tried the profile switch trick - did not work for me.


  • rakh1rakh1 Member

    ^^ update: I was sent firmware 365 and after updating the DD1 and BME it now works fine.

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