Handbrake signal stuck at 46%

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DD1 v365

In comp 2.5 mode everything is ok. Problem is in PC mode.

I don't have handbrake.

I don't have cable connected to the base.

In software I have handbrake signal stuck at 46%. I can't turn off handbrake / or I don't know how.

New software doesn't change anything.

How can I turn it off?


  • Try and "set min" until you find a permanent resolution

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Make sure to also fully engage the lever when turned on, which will calibrate the min/max positions.

  • I ended up removing the soft urethane bushing at the endo of the travel and replaced it with a hard plastic one from the hardware store and it got rid of my issues. It used to kind of go too far when I released it and go into a sort of negative position but the hmgames couldnt handle that information so it registered as a second brake pull. It was very frustrating cause I play mostly dirt rally and dirt rally 2.0 and I would let the lever go and think I was moving off the line pretty decent but my rear wheels would actually be completely locked up. I think I even have a couple of videos on Youtube where it happened before I realized what was going on...

    Thats one way I fixed mine. And as Joseph said, make sure and pull it all the way and release it so it knows the new positioning.

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