Hardware needed to bolt handbrake to clubsport shifter?

On the website the handbrake is pictured bolted onto the side of the shifter, but there is no mounting hardware inside the handbrake box. Can anyone recommend the screw size and square nuts required (to slide into the side channel of the shifter)?




  • Use the screws and the channel nuts that came with your shifter.

  • Thanks - box was thrown out with the screws and nuts in them. So, I repeat my question.

  • Contact Support, you need the specialty fittings that slide into the grooves of the shifter. I believe the bolts where allen head 6mm screws either 1.0 or 1.25 thread pitch. Screw length is about 3/8" long.

  • You could probably find some hardware at an ace hardware store. They have a ton of small specialty fittings.

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