Forza 7 Steering angle

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edited February 2020 in Forza Motorsport

I have the old csl elite wheel for Xbox one, andI've done quite a bit of reading and testing regarding ffb in Forza 7. It seems most people agree that steering angle should be set to max or no less than ~720 degrees.

Now I have a few top 500 and top 200 spec hot lap times in rivals (world wide) so I have to think I'm at least pretty quick. But in order to achieve those times I've used very low steering angle settings, like 400 degrees and lower. I've tried using higher steering angle settings and I find it almost impossible to be able to recover from slides, and it simply requires too much time and movement to be competitive. Am I missing something here?


  • I run sim steer and 900, can't use it otherwise. It is hard to catch but you get used to it, its worth it for being able to be super smooth through the corners.

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