Forgot how great the Fanatec SQ 1.5 was

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Dear Fanatec,

The shifter is topnotch. Used it back in days in 2017, but sold it due a burn-out. (Stupid Codemasters). However, I bought one (barely) used from a friend. Drove 4 hours with it and it's awesome. My pedals are still in GT-mode, tho. So no heel-toe. My ankles also hurt a lot cause they are not used to all the work.

Anyway, it's a great shifter, but... When tightning the tension of the H-pattern and then shifting in SEQ-mode the shifter becomes really heavy and sticks into selected seq-gear. So when turning the tension down it solves the problem, but when going back to H-pattern, the pattern feels too toyish because there's almost no tension.

Probably an oversight. Hope it will be fixed in a 2.0 or a new shifter-line.

In the end hope the shifter won't break soon, hehe. That one in 2017 did hold well.




  • I hope the same. I leave an allen wrench near my rig so I can re-tension it semi quickly but I wish it was a bit more convenient.

    If it never changed, it would still be a great addition to anyones rig.

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