FFB GT Sport Podium DD F1

PC driver> 356.

Wheel base firmware> 670.

Wheel base motor firm ware> 38.

Steering wheel firmware> 28.

Hallo people,

I'm now using the Podium DD F1 sinds 8-12-2019 and come up whit the following FFB settings for GT sport and hope there are users ho can give it a go and give there opinion of these settings.

My settings are:

In game:

Max force> 2.

Sensitive force> 10. (In my opinion The weight from the beginning of steering is important).

Podium DD F1:

SEN> Auto.

FFB> 100.

LIN> On. (On because of the 100% FFB setting).

NDP> 40.

NFR> 5.


INT> 8/10 user prefrence for detail. (In my opiniun not lower than 8, higher is les detail but rounded force).

FEI> 60/70 user prefrence for intensivity (In my opinion not lower than 60 or higher then 70).






Thank you if you are going to try these settings.

I hope that you give me your opinion after trying them out.

Keep it up Fanatec!!


  • Pretty nice settings. Actually the first time I had LIN on and liked the results. I lowered the NDP and NIN to 30 and 20, and kept INT at 6 and FEI at 80. Still testing, but so far overall nice job.

  • Hey jack,

    Thanks for testing and your comment.

    If you put the FEI on 80, is it stil smooth then?

    i have to intens FFB sometimes if i put FEI on 80.

    the rest of your settings i understand, if you want a lighter wheel (NDP,NIN)

    The INT is Just for detail but i think if you go to low it shocks tot much. I like it more rounded.

    suspension an tire's dousn't give that shocky details i guesse.

    I'm happy that you like the basis of my settings and that you have make it work for your self.


  • Peter thanks for the settings. I can now really feel what the wheels are doing especially in this weeks Race C in GT Sport. The only thing I may experiment with is your FFB setting and the in-game FFB by decreasing yours and increasing the one in the game. I would hope the in-game setting would give a little more detail, but I'm not sure. But thus far, this is great.



  • Hey keith,

    Thanks for trying the settings and post a comment.

    I was playing Assetto corsa and was trying the diffrents between: [Podium DD 100% FFB and in game 40/50% FFB] / [Podium DD 40/50% FFB and in game 100% FFB].

    what i was feeling was that the forces where more precise and direct with the FFB on 100% for the podium DD.

    i think if you put it on 100% for the podium base it wil be faster giving you al the forces.

    thats why i did the same for GT sport and put the in game FFB on 2 and the LIN setting on.

    In my opinion you need to keep the base FFB at 100%.

    I hope to hear from you if the settings you are trying are feeling better in your opinion so i can try them out.


  • You can alsof set the LIN off.

    I did that today and had more detail but its harder to turn the wheel.


  • hello peter your parameters are very similar to mine ...
    i was wondering have you ever tried to do a setup with lin to off?

  • Hi all,

    since a few days I'm using the Podium F1 together with GT Sport. Before that I was quite satisfied withe the PS4 licensed CSL Elite wheel.

    But of course after such an upgrade there are good reasons to expect somekind of a OMG or at least a WOW effect. But so far that's not the case. I hope it's because of the game and not because of the Podium wheel base. So I would assume that GT Sport is not the best game to get the right impression of the Podium base capabilities.

    Do you have some recommendations for me. Should I try Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa or Assetto Corsa Competizione instead of GT Sport?

    Meanwhile I wil try some of your setting here. Many thanks for sharing them. I'm sure they will lead to some improvements.



  • edited May 2022

    I guess there is something wrong with my PODIUM F1 Wheel. This is how the FFB analysis looks like on my wheel:

    And this is how it should look like (taken from a youtube video):

    I addressed this issue to the Fanatec Support team. According to the automatic hotline response they are quite busy at the moment. So I really hope it won't take too long to get a reply.



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