CSL elite pedals (no LC) in GTSport

Last week I got my CSL elite for PS4 to play GTSport.

As I intend to get a Loadcell brake + shifter later on, i'm only using the 'standard' brake with the sponge limiter.

It feels alright on is own but the game only reads next to 50% travel for the brake with the sponge on.

Is there a fix for this (other than removing the limiter) or am I missing something?

I'd really like to keep the limiter for 'added feel' but working properly with GTS...

Thanks for your help!


  • Problem solved. Starting the game with the wheel on and leaving the limiter in place, keeps the game in check. 100% brake force in-game will be the maximum force applied in the pedal for that session. Done.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Pedro, I'm glad to hear you figured it out. It is indeed good practice to have your sim equipment all turned on and ready to go before starting any racing game. In some cases it is essential to do this, otherwise the game does not detect the hardware correctly.

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