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PC driver> 356.

Wheel base firmware> 670.

Wheel base motor firm ware> 38.

Steering wheel firmware> 28.

Hallo people,

I'm now using the Podium DD F1 sinds 8-12-2019 and come up whit the following FFB settings for GT sport and hope there are user’s ho can give it a go and give their opinion of these settings.

My settings are:

In game:

Max force> 2.

Sensitive force> 10. (In my opinion the weight from the beginning of steering is important).

Podium DD F1:

SEN> Auto.

FFB> 100.

LIN> On. (On because of the 100% FFB setting).

NDP> 40.

NFR> 5.


INT> 8/12 user preference for detail. (In my opinion 12 and not lower than 8, higher is les detail but rounded force).

FEI> 60/70 user preference for intensity. (In my opinion 70 and not lower than 60 or higher than 70).

FOR>100. User preference for FFB force. (in my opinion 100) the FOR setting on 110/120 for more detail but give’s more weight.





Thank you if you are going to try these settings.

I hope that you give me your opinion after trying them out.

Keep it up Fanatec!!


  • FanaLab is NOT working on console so whatever you set there it will not be transmitted to GT Sport and if you feel a difference then its just placebo...

  • hallo thanks for saying that.

    i wil try it again, with and without the fanalab settings.

    i thaugt to feel some difference but if you say so it wil be like that.


  • Btw did you try my settings and what do you think of it?

  • I don't have console so no I did not tried the settings. But I can assure you that the Dynamic Damping in FanaLab is only working on pc because that feature needs FanaLab running in the background to gather in Game telemetry data which is simply not possible on consoles.

  • Hallo

    yes i did understand that.

    thank for the comment.

  • I'll give these settings a try!

    To clarify what Maurice said...The settings you use in your profile are in effect on console. Only the Dynamic Dampening is not possible on console. This setting requires your Podium to be connected to PC while playing, which you can't do while playing on console.

    A question for you, have you tried the full range of settings? I received my wheel in April and have tried many settings. Because the firmware updates have really improved the performance and behavior, I've tried a lot of settings. I had your settings, mostly, a short while ago and found more detail and ability to rescue the car when at 10 FFB in game and then reducing the FFB on the wheel itself. It's much easier now to sense the weight of the car shifting as well as feeling traction loss much sooner. I'm trying now to reduce the weight of the wheel some, I'll post my settings once I know what are:)


    Did you try it out and can you comment and post on your own settings now?

  • Hi Peter

    I see that you have to similar posts with the same headline. Could you close one of them and have all in the same thread?

    Regarding the v356 driver, have you had any nasty jolts or ripple issues with your base when running with those firmware versions? Did you try your base with Podium Porsche wheel and the Podium Button Endurance Module? I'm running my new base with v347 since it was sent to me like that from the workshop when my first base was bricked and they tried to repair it. They couldn't repair it, so they sent me a new one which I am very afraid to firmware upgrade.





    Yes, I did do a lot of testing and came up whit these settings.


    If you wanted to reduce the weight, you can try to set the in-game setting on 1. (podium on 100)


    if you do that you have les detail of road and curb but the weight is down. (I prefer in game on 2 / podium 100 / LIN on)


    But I read that you twisted the FFB around, put them in game on 10 and reduced the podium FFB.


    That is what I used to use but I think the podium base is giving better FFB on 100 and tweak in game. (I use in every game 100 on the base)


    if you have a good FFB result, can you give me yours so I can try it out?




    on this moment I am using driver 361 and have the same settings as 356.






  • Hi Peter

    I am very interested in hearing how you did the upgrade to driver v361 and the related firmware. Did you just follow the new upgrade document that Marcel Pfister posted? Are you having any issues, any jolts or some of the other issues reported by users? Did you do the upgrade on a new PC with USB 3.0/3.1 or did you do it via a PC with USB 2.0? Which Windows version (build version) did your PC have when you did the upgrade? Which wheel are you using? What is your experience good/bad from the v356 to the v361? I am very interested since I also have a DD1 PS4 version that I would like to upgrade to use the Podium Porsche with PBME on the PS4.

  • Hello Jacob Stig Bruntse Nielsen


    I didn’t have nasty jolts or ripple issues.

    That’s because you need to round the FFB.

    So, don’t put the FEI setting to high and the INT to low.

    sometimes you have also tweak the in game settings to make some jolts go away.

    For example, I'm now playing F1 2019 and you have the setting "ON TRACK EFFECT'', if I run this setting to high, I have massive spiked forces.

    So, I put all other in game settings on 0 and try to tweak only the on-track setting until it’s not so spiked and good to handle. (you need to know which setting makes the problem because some do and others don't)

    and you have the setting ''WHEEL DAMPER'', if you put that on 0 you will feel electric jolts if you are standing still and turn the wheel.

    I Added more wheel damper in game and it did make the jolt go away.

    In my opinion you need to tweak till everything is rounded not spiked.

    The force FFB from FANATEC is very detail and powerful so you need to tweak them a little bit down and you have a really good driving experience with all the FFB you need.




  • Hello Jacob Stig Bruntse Nielsen


    I have the new driver from a site that i found in google.

    I have upgraded the driver with my laptop/windows 10/usb 3.0 and using the formula rim.

    The driver is similar to 356, you can read the improvements on the beta driver form.

    For now, i am using 361 and it works for me.

    The installation went well and I didn't have any issues.




  • If you use the base setup menu button and push down on the stick at the same time, which hardware versions are shown for base and motor on the base display?

    Which build is your windows 10 (1903)?

    I am trying to figure out how to get as close to your setup before I try the driver firmware upgrade.

  • Hello Jacob Stig Bruntse Nielsen

    windows 10 home,build 1909.

    you can try to go as close as possible but you have to tweak the FFB for a smooth ride.

    + if you are going to install the driver you need to take your time and don't rush and make sure that your pc/laptop is in good form. (first delete the driver and then install the new one)

  • Thank you Peter

    Those are the same versions on my base.

    It makes me feel more comfortable if I were to decide to upgrade, but I'm still not sure I want to do it. There are too many settings that have to be dialed in and different from game to game. I can only dream that some sim racing enthusiast would start making a database or website of some sort that would collect user settings, to be rated by others so we would have an easy way to find the best setup game for game sorted by Fanatec wheelbases.

    Did you use the upgrade guide that Marcel Pfister made when you upgraded to v361?

  • Nice information to know. Thanks guys!

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