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  • No but the thing here is if you buy the bread, and they give you a date to pick up the bread and you already paid for it to be ready on that day and it turns out to be not ready and rescheduled and you’re trying to get an answer from them and they never respond or pick up their phone your in all your right to be angry.

  • Did the bread store have a sign out saying they had bread or would have bread in 30 minutes so you placed your order. And then when 30 minutes went by they put a new sign out saying an hour. And then an hour later another sign saying 3 hours. All the while you already paid for the bread with expectations of having it sooner based off of what the bakery told you. And then every time you try to talk to the baker or cashier they ignore you and don’t respond. Then they close shop without telling you anything so you just have to show up the next day, wondering if you will get your bread because no one is still responding to you.

    The issue most people have isn’t with the delays, it’s the constant changing delays with no communications.

    PS I’ve waited almost 7 weeks for my order, just in case you think I just ordered a few days ago or a week ago. I had my “due date” changed 4 times. In these 7 weeks I have received 1 notification from the sales team telling me my item would ship on 6/12. Then that didn’t even happen. I am lucky that today Dom responded to me saying my item “should” be processed for shipping today or tomorrow. So we will see. By the way, shoutout to Dom. I know he has been the only line of communication for myself and others for a couple months now and is trying his best to give us the info he can.

  • Didn’t you order a PS4 bundle with the round steering wheel (not F1 wheel?) If so, hate to burst your bubble but you’re probably getting a set of pedals like I did. The CSL Elite base doesn’t seem to be a problem, because they’re available. It must be the steering wheel. If I were able to swap the round wheel for the F1 wheel then I’d be racing this weekend.

  • My order said processed on June 16th (placed order on may 20th), and I received an email saying it would be shipped out by the next day via fed ex (included an invoice and everything). Since then I haven't heard a peep, no tracking # ,email (checked spam), or anything. I've contacted support, but I'm sure I wont hear back anytime soon. East coast US here. Frustrated.

    Oh, and i tried the Fed Ex tracking delivery manager. That didn't help either.

  • No, I ordered the $500 package that just has the round wheel and base, no pedals. I ordered the V3s for my pedals.

  • Stop your bitching, the bundle I ordered never changed status. Also fanatec sales team said my bundle would ship on june 12th and it never did.

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  • My CSL Elite wheel order no longer has a date on it. They just took delivery of 400 units, hoping mine made the cut, then my order will be complete.

  • Placed my order on May 5th for the CSL Elite PS4 bundle and have been watching the availability dates move back as well as similar stories in the forums ever since because I have not yet received it. I've posted on here once before and messaged Fanatec a few weeks ago with no response to either. Today I got an email saying my order has moved to "warehouse processing" and will be shipping soon.

    I don't in any way condone Fanatec's lack of communication (like seriously just say something, most people understand things when respectfully/clearly/honestly talked to), but I Just wanted to share this because I don't think the company is trying to scam anyone or not fulfill orders, especially since during that whole time of processing I could've cancelled and gotten a full refund at any time (can't now obviously because it's about to ship, hopefully). Seems like they are just having problems with management or their own communication within the company maybe, so I'm just saying don't panic. It will probably be a long wait still, sadly, and none of us signed up for this, but I do think they're trying in some way. This could be a lot worse.

    Anyway, hope all you guys have some better luck with this soon too, and stay safe out there!

  • You aren't out of the woods yet. I received this email over a week ago and I still haven't received tracking info...

  • Keep an eye on your doorstep. My brother informed me that a lot of people never got tracking numbers, and orders just showed up, like Christmas in June.

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    Question: how do you guys determine when your order should be delivered ? You just check the availability date on the website for the different products ? The DD1 for instance says availability date Unknown.

    Also the Inverted Pedals were expected to be there around 22 june and now it says september ! Could it be that my order will be delayed for that long ? Maybe someone at Fanatec could check to see what is going on ?

  • the most annoying thing is that nobody even in this forum answers the questions ...

    however, the money has already been charged to the credit card

  • Yeah, no one in the forums really knows the answers. Fanatec doesn’t read the forums. Your best bet is to reach out to Dominic Brennan. You’ll find his name replying to some people. DM him. Also, I don’t know where you are at, but if you just ordered a week ago, you may get your stuff soon, you may not. I’ve been waiting since May 14 to get mine and it said available May 15 before changing a few times. A lot of people have been waiting a month or two. I just received an email saying I would get a shipping notification yesterday.

  • I ordered May 14th as well. I got my V3, and dampeners Monday. Got my performance kit Tuesday (FedEx dropped the ball). I just got the email saying the remainder of my order CSL Elite wheel is in warehousing, and I will get a tracking number soon. My order online says this order has been processed. Should see my wheel next week.

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    I understand very well that there are people who have been waiting for longer than me, but the word pre-order available from June 22nd at my house means that a few days later it will be sent following a queue starting from the first person who pre-ordered.

    what use is a dedicated forum if there is no moderator or someone who can read and give answers on the matter?

    The absence of Fanatec purchasing assistance only increases this confusion. A call center capable of giving adequate answers would solve many of these problems.

  • I get the impression that regardless of the complaints in various threads, Fanatec have done little to nothing to address their customers concerns.

    Ive been waiting patiently on my order 1093780 which was apparently available to me July 10th yet today it’s now been pushed back to July 30th. Never once heard a word from Fanatec. How are we supposed to have any confidence in the availability dates given?

    a premium product minus the premium service never feels good

  • Without trying to rub it in...I ordered the DD1 wheel base and 48hrs later it turned up on my doorstep! I live in England.

    Hope I haven’t pushed in the queue for anybody??

  • Availability. It would be the same in the US. They’re in stock.

  • this morning I received an email from Fanatec indicating the status of my order has changed in warehouse processing...with the related invoice of the material and shipping data June 26.

    I should be receiving UPS monitoring soon

    we cross our fingers but something has moved

  • I got the same email with invoice on Weds June 24th. I have not received the shipping email yet. But, I have moved farther in the process. I did notice, now there is no ability to cancel the order at this stage. I wonder when they actually ship after sending that notice?

  • Hey mate, I too have gotten the same email. Just wanted to ask what your orders page says? Mine says that my order has been processed but still awaiting the old tracking email.

  • Mine is the exact same. "The order has been processed." I also read on these forums that they will update your warranty start date from your purchase date to the ship date when they ship. My warranty still shows starting on May 6, 2020. So, if the others are correct, it has not shipped.

  • Not sure if that is accurate. I ordered on May 14. My pedals arrived on June 12. Still waiting on my wheel/base. Everything in my products still shows warranty start of May 14. They have had a lot of issues with the system and I think Dom mentioned at one point that the warranty would still reflect the date you ordered but it updates on their end to the date it shipped. Or maybe it updates after everything has shipped.

  • I just receive my Base 2.5 / Formula v2 / Pedals v3 order, even if it was mentioned as available on July 3rd. I'm in France.

    Ordered on May 16th, received a "warehouse processing" mail 2 days ago, without any UPS/tracking info, so I was totally surprised today seing my presents !

    It can't rain all the time friends ! Be positive !

  • My first shipment, I got tracking. I’ve not received tracking for the second shipment, but they said it was shipping. Hoping it’s shipped, but wish I had tracking to make sure someone is home.

  • MY CSL ELET wheel & peddles arrived Thursday

  • I got a FedEx tracking number for 19lb and a 10lb package from a Suddath global logistics in CA .

    No other description or names associated with it .

    I haven't ordered anything else so im guessing thats my order..? I really dont know.

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