Alternative button mapping for Podium Racing Wheel F1 for GT Sport

G’Day everyone

just purchased my ps4 podium setup for PS4. Can anyone please help tell me is there any word on PD updating GT Sport in the near future to allow us to change the button mapping/configuration.

I have been left with some level of physical impairment due to being involved in a a motor vehicle accident. I kind of struggle with keeping the Gr.3 cars and above tamed and I have figured out a perfect way to still be fast and reasonably competitive. I remap the shift levers to tcs up (left) and tcs down (right) obviously I am restricted to the use of an Auto tranny with the likes of my t300 rs I’ve just upgraded from. But with the upgraded shifting paddles (Being two magnetic and one analog either side) that the Podium PS4 comes with.

i was hoping to be able to remap them to allow me to change gears and increase and decrease tc as needed

Thanks for any information in advance



  • You can remap some controls, but as you can see, we're limited. A couple of things that might help:

    1. You can simultaneously use a DS4 controller and map it how you like so that it can act as a button box...
    2. There are devices that accept HID and convert it to behave as a DS4. This can be used to get a PC HID device to act as a DS4. Keyboard/Number pad/Button box. (This is something I'm testing and sorting out right now to work with GT Sport).
    3. There are PCBs sold for building fightsticks that also behave as a DS4. If you know how to wire up the buttons, you could build one to work with GT Sport. (If option two doesn't work, I'm going to install this PCB in one of the two button boxes I'm testing with)

    As the next GT game is likely months away, I don't expect to see changes in GT Sport. Like you, I hope we get to fully use our Podium gear on the PS4 or PS5...

  • I have noticed with my Podium Racing wheel the top 2 paddle shifters have been mapped to turn signals meaning in GT Sport the top 2 paddle shifters may be mapped to ( repeat buttons) Square and R2 as I have my turn signals mapped to Square and R2.

    Easier explanation; I have turn left mapped to R2, turn right mapped to Square. I was in a race and accidentally pressed the top left paddle shifter on the advanced paddle module and it turned on my left turn signal. Then I pressed the top right paddle shifter and it turned on the right turn signal. I will change the mapping to MFD and see if it works so maybe you can use them for Tc.

  • I just tried this and it did not work but cool thing is even with turn signals left unmapped the top paddles still function as the turn signals....

  • How do you use a DS4 simultanuously? I tried because I have a podium and R300 (which does not have an axis controller so I can't select RESTART in the menu - which I need more often then I'd want to). When I use the DS4 my pedals stop working?

  • I simply connect the ds4 to ps4 first, then power and connect the wheel second. I then go to the controller settings and make sure I turn off the things that are already configured for the wheel. This prevents my wheel config from conflicting with the controller. This works in GT Sport, Farming Sim, and Truck Driver on PS4. it works well enough, but my preffered setup is to connect a button box to the Titan 2 where I can better map buttons to my liking. I mainly use it for better control of the MFD settings.

  • "As the next GT game is likely months away, I don't expect to see changes in GT Sport. Like you, I hope we get to fully use our Podium gear on the PS4 or PS5..."

    18 months have gone by and still not much improvement. Now that Fanatec is partnering with PD I'm very hopeful we'll see closer collaboration even on PS4 GT Sport via updates. It'll certainly be there for GT7, which is exciting, but playing some catch-up now wouldn't suck.

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