CSL Elite with P1 Revleds when using Fanaled

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I have just received my CSL Elite base with the P1 rim. I use Fanaled to show the gear instead of velocity on the small LED screen, but whenever I use it, it won’t show the revleds (in the base) anymore... I have tried various settings but it won’t work. Without Fanaled it show revleds and velocity in game and with Fanaled, it displays the gear but won’t light up the revleds anymore. I have set everything to the correct setting in terms of port and in game setting and so on and tried almost everything in Fanaled but it just won’t work.

How can I get this to work? I want gear on the LED display and the revleds as usual.

thanks for any help!


  • You need FanaLab, not Fanaleds to get everything working. Latest version 1.47B enabled Base Rev LED support which works great!

  • rokkeerokkee Member
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    Thank you, will try as soon as possible

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