Module endurance

Hi all, there is a configuration via Fanalab software to show on TFT display of module endurance, concurrently last time laps, best, gear, speed like show on the attached image ?

Thanks in advance


  • On the BME you actually can only get the ITM page 1 when you have the ITM registry file enabled which comes with the BME software package 1.2 and FanaLab v1.24. Pages 2-5 coming later when they dont have bugs anymore.

  • Thanks, when you think will release all ?

  • When they are working properly, no ETA yet other than soon when it's ready. ^^

  • Hi Maurice, I have just acquired a Porsche 911 Podium wheel. I have installed all possible things (FW, SW, and registry). I have Fanalabs 1.24 running in the background. I can’t get the telemetry to work with my wheel. I see the display but all data stays at 0. I flashed the BM again to try and fix it. Still no data. When I switch off ITM and stay with legacy data (speedo and gear number) everything seems to work normally. I am I missing anything? I have tried this on all the sim I have ACC, AMS2, PC2...

    Thanks in advance

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