Podium paddles not working with universal hub on got sport

Hi I just got my podium paddles and they aren’t working on my universal hub, with a csl elite ps4 base


  • Which firmware do you have installed?

  • Not sure I’m new at this and I have a mac so I’m working on getting windows

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    Then that will be your issue.

    You need to get a windows PC somehow for a moment, install at least driver 336 (better 347 or 356) und update the wheel base firmware. Otherwise your products can't get recognized by the Base properly.

  • thank you so much gonna get a pc so I can keep it up to date more often

  • Hi I am a complete noob at this stuff. I bought the CSL Elite Wheelbase and the Clubsport F1 V2 Wheel. I play on a PS4 and other people said I could use the V2 Wheel even though it’s mainly for Xbox...is that true?

    Also, I am a complete idiot when it comes to firmware updating. I’m going to my friend’s house who has windows for all the updates, but what do I do? Do I plug the wheelbase and steering wheel into his PC? Which downloads should I click for each one? Can I do these updates without being with my setup as long as I have the wheelbase and the wheel? I’m so sorry for being an idiot but I’ve search anywhere and none of these questions were covered lol. Thanks so much to anyone who replies :)

  • EVERYTHING is explained in the manuals, READ THEM. I would tell you how to do it but if you have these Fanatec products you should be reading the manual anyway. Especially as a "complete idiot" and a "noob at this stuff" I would think it'd be common sense to READ THE MANUAL.

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    The Wheel Base, Rim, and Pedals (Rim firmware is included in the Wheel Base firmware) have their own Firmware so that should tell you a little bit in how they should be updated (Base then base w/ wheel, then pedals) I also had questions of which firmware to download; this is covered in the Fanatec Forums; Fanatec Software; Beta Drivers. in this thread (Beta Drivers) each firmware version is explained and it is your choice to decide which one to download. as for the can you do the updates without being with your setup...….. if you are updating your wheel and rim then that is all you need to have..... your wheel, rim and a windows pc/ laptop.

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