Fanatec VS In game settings xbox one, Forza 7

Newbie ready to try modifying settings and have a question. Does the Fanatec or in-game settings take priority?

For example to set FFB should I need to change one or both? Or set game at a number and then adjust wheel to meet my needs? Or do I need to change both at the same time and to the same number?



  • Type into google fanatec wheel settings for forza 7 xbox and what ever wheel base you have and you will get a list of the recommended ingame and wheel base settings. Change both then work from there as a base line

  • Thanks James! I found all the different recommended settings as you suggested, and now am just trying to understand the correlation between Fanatec and games settings. Looks like experimenting will be my best answer. I was just being lazy and figured somebody else had probably already figured it out.... :)

  • This something was also wondering if the wheel setting and in game settings

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