Programming headache.

Jack BalchinJack Balchin Member
edited December 2020 in F1 20xx

New to Fanatec CSL F1 wheel on a PC. Fantastic device but I'm hung up. Running F1 2020, I'm stuck getting to the car setting page , I can get to the garage then rt paddle X 2 and them has button 11 to view car setup, 4 save/load, 2 select preset, 3 exit. buttons 2,3 and 4 function as they should but pressing 11 does nothing. So I can't do any set up and it's really frustrating.

Help me please, I've fiddled about all afternoon and got nowhere.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Do you have the Fanatec F1 wheel preset loaded in the controller configurations or a custom controller setup? 11 should work correctly.

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