Extreme Notchy center Clubsport v1

SInce getting my CSW v1 and Clubsport v3 pedals setup, I have been getting my sim titles setup for the new gear. In Rfactor2 to my amazement, the center of the wheel is as hard notchy feeling as any title I can recall. In addition, then I click the detect button, only the pedals are detected. This may explain why the wheel is so insanely notchy.

What is the solution for:

  1. The title only detecting the pedals and not the wheel.
  2. The electromagnet-like notchiness in the center of the wheel.


  • I've recently purchased the same base and getting similar feeling of notchy/ electro feeling (iracing) I've re installed software, firmware and it's still. There. I've played with the wheel settings and have found it will reduce when I set the FOR to 40. If I bump it up one notch to 50 it becomes noticeable again. I've done some searching and read that the FFB motors in the 1st series had some "issues" and I'll be looking to replace/ upgrade the motors

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