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    I really like the Fanalab software, good job Fanatec!

    Any chance we could have a game profile for Richard Burns Rally, WRC9, Wreckfest and BeamNG in the near future?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Running 1.54.5

    Mid iRacing official session, iRacing hangs and crashes and I notice Fanalab is attempting to launch ACC via the Steam at the same time. I was driving on a straight at the time and there was no button presses when this happened. CSL elite v1.1, CSP V3 pedals, McLaren GT3 V2 wheel.

    I've opened a support ticket with iRacing to look at the logs but am curious if anyone has had this happen before with Fanalab. Other than some random crashing with previous releases this is the first possible issue I've had with this version.

    Also, I'd like to disable fanalab from being able to launch games while I try and figure out what happened. I use it for the LED's on the CSL elite but will close it altogether if I have to so I'm not worried about another crash mid-race. Is this possible?

    I don't see any visible issues in the fanalab log file except for this strange behavior today but it doesn't match the time of the crash (6:15 PM MST). I attached the diag.

                       ================== Fanalab V1.54.5 | Feb 5 2021 LogIdx: [0] ==================

    2021/3/16[21:19:59:936] [22756][9772] Driver Version   : 8.41.2

    2021/3/16[21:19:59:936] [22756][9772] Minimized at Start : True

    2021/3/16[21:19:59:936] [22756][9772] Converter Valid  : True

    2021/3/16[21:19:59:936] [22756][9772] Path        : C:\Program Files (x86)\Fanatec\FanaLab\Control\

    2021/3/16[21:19:59:936] [22756][9772] ==================================================================================

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] ==========================Device Detected==========================

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] Wheel Base     : CSL Elite Wheel Base

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] Wheel Base Rim   : CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] Wheel Base Pedal  : ClubSport Pedals V3

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] Wheel Base Shifter : ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] USB Pedal     : Not Available

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] USB Shifter    : Not Available

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] USB Handbrake   : Not Available

    2021/3/16[21:20:1:995] [22756][9772] ===================================================================

    2021/3/16[21:27:58:833] [22756][24780] ==========================Game Detected==========================

    2021/3/16[21:27:58:833] [22756][24780] iRacing[iRacingSim64DX11.exe]

    2021/3/16[21:27:58:833] [22756][24780] =================================================================

    2021/3/16[21:41:42:348] [22756][24780] ==========================Game Removed===========================

    2021/3/16[21:41:42:348] [22756][24780] iRacing[iRacingSim64DX11.exe]

    2021/3/16[21:41:42:348] [22756][24780] =================================================================

    2021/3/16[21:55:55:559] [22756][24780] ==========================Game Detected==========================

    2021/3/16[23:37:51:727] [16544][16548] 

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    I do not know why FanaLab 1.53 does not want to work, we have dd2 base and the latest drivers. The program starts but after a while it does not work. HELP

  • The same dosent work :(

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    FanaLab v1.54.5 verschiedene Profile speichern oder benutzen!

    Warum macht Fanatec eigentlich kein Video auf Youtube von FanaLab und nicht in Englisch, damit ein euer Program auch mal verständlich wird.

    Mal angenommen man hat mehrere Spiele zum Beispiel:

    Assetto Corsa, Asetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2.0, Formel 1 2018.....

    Ich habe 5 Setups          5 – 1 = 1 Setup für Formel 1 2018

    5 – 2 = 1 Aufbau für Dirt Rally 2.0

    5 – 3 = 1 Aufbau für Dirt Rally

    5 – 4 = 1 Aufbau für Asetto Corsa Competizione

    5 – 5 = 1 Aufbau für Asetto Corsa

    Wenn ich jetzt ein anders Setup brauch überschreibe ich immer alle andere Setups.

    So fährt man ein Spiel mit einem Setup und alle Autos

    Hat man jetzt noch mehr Fahrspiele wird es eng, da es kein 5 – 6 mehr gibt.

    Als deutscher Sim Fahrer bekommt man so gut wie gar keine Informationen, im Internet bietet kaum verständliche Videos an, selbst auf YouTube macht kaum ein s auf deutsch.

    Ich bin begeistert über die Funktion die FanaLab bietet und über die Sprache die kein Englisch kann weiter helfen. Das Simgirl macht das so schnell als wenn sie das schon seit Jahre benutzt.

    Wo ich mir meine Fanatec produckte bestellt habe gab es diese in Lanzhut Deutschland, mir war nicht bewusst, wenn man Fanatec Produckte benutzen mag soll man Englisch kann Englisch.

    Nur wer gutes Englisch kann auch auf YouTube Hilfe finden, so dass ein wie ich wartet und wartet das auch mal wurde Verständliches in Deutsch kommt. (warte Quassie schon seit Jahren auf)

    Hat aber den Vorteil das englisch sprechende und lesende immer vor mir sind, da nutzt auch kein Podium DD2,ClubSport Pedale V3, ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5, PODIUM STEERING WHEEL PORSCHE 911 GT3 R LEATHER....

    Aber es gibt ein Fanatec Forum mit vielen Setups für verschiedene fahrspiel, mit Google Übersetzung. Wenn es das auch für YouTube mit Übersetzung gibt komme ich och zurecht.


  • Hello Programmers of Fanalab,

    I am mainly missing any dampering adjustment on the throttle. Is it planned to implement? I am an rFactor 2 driver and at the moment it is only possible to adjust the sensitivity in the game. For the brake as an example, I can make adjustments in the game and in Fanalab. The reason is, that my biggest problem is the throttle pedal in the game and the main goal is to drive without Traction Control.

    Thx about any feedback or/and to implement this feature.

  • Anyones knows how to work ITM on BME for f1 2020? I try: delete "motion" lines in XML file ( but game restore this lines after restart ); led works if i leave LED ON in config f1 2020. Try to put UDP on and , port 20888 ( inngame and on fanalab too ) rate 60 format 2020 telemetry public.

    Dbox OFF.

    Nothing works.

  • This was asked about a couple of versions ago and I haven't seen anything else about it since so I want to repost it here because I would love to see this feature added.

    Ryan Neuman August 2020 edited August 2020

    Hi - I have a request, I hope this is the right place to put it...

    For F1 2020, it would be wonderful if I could map ERS Mode to the flag LEDs. The data stream doesn't seem to be represented anywhere in Fanalab at the moment, but appears to be available in the same UDP packet as some of the other elements that have been implemented.

    Per the F12020 UDP spec, it's this value:

    uint8       m_ersDeployMode;            // ERS deployment mode, 0 = none, 1 = medium
                                                // 2 = overtake, 3 = hotlap

    Being able to map those values to different combinations of flag LEDs would be a giant help :)

    The two most important (at least for me) are '1 = medium' and '2 = overtake'

  • try Port 20777 ingame and Fanalab, no UDP forwarding.

  • Hello,

    I'm having an issue between Fanalab and HP Reverb G2 (Windows Mixed Reality).

    After aproximately 30 minutes Windows Mixed Reality and Fanalab crashes.

    Windows Mixed Reality then starts again but Fanalab won't until I restart the whole system.

  • best to collect the logs of Fanalab and upload them here so the devs can take a look.

    Click "Collect Logs" after that zip the files in your log folder.

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    Please insert the function the FANALAB automatically switches the profile at CAR X.

    Via the Telemtrie you call the vehicle, I whitethe profile to the vehicle! You're welcome. IRACING

  • SO how do I disable the RPM lights using Fanalabs in ACC. I have V1.54.5 I want the RPM lights on the V2 F1 Formula wheel to be disabled as I have a Dash.

    I have tried everything from moving every slider to changing the light colours to black, the disable option just does not work, no matter what I do the light just keep showing. Any suggestions

  • Thanks mate that does help, only thing is it turns off all the lights, I just wanted the rev lights off, it has the disable function in Fanalabs for just the rev lights but it does nothing. Appreciate the help

  • enabling the FlagLEDs, disabling the RevLEDs and ACC's default LED support should just work like you want it. It does so for me.

  • Hi,

    I have 2 problems with fanalab.

    1- How you can see in pictures I cant select the BME display, Only the DD2 display is selectable.

    2- In the game profile the ITM Diplay favorite page is always 0 both base and rim and I cant save or load different favorite page.

    I have tried many different versions of fanalab and no one work on it.

    I Ask an help by the fanatec developer.


  • Hi guys, I've changed the PC and was using Fanalab 1.23 Beta before (very happily). With the new PC I've decided to update all Fanatec drivers to the newest versions (DD1 PS4 version) and Fanalab as well. Now no version of Fanalab (I've tried all the old ones as well) show me iRacing when I log in, it just says: "Unavaliable". Not "game not found", but unavaliable. Did anyone come across something like this? It does detect my gear, just not the game itself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance

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  • Both as designed.

    BME ITM selection is currently disabled until a firmware issue is fixed.

  • Hi!

    I don`t know if this is the right spot to ask, but I`ll give it a try...

    I`m running a CSL Elite v1.1 whellbase here and Fanalab doesn`t seem to identify it. Is this wheelbase supported? If so, are there any procedures on installation that I need to go through?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Hey!!

    So i am trying Fanalabs for the first time in a while and i seem to be having the same issue from a few years back .

    I uninstalled the drivers and old version and started from scratch and installed the latest drivers and fanalabs (as of today).

    Updated my wheel (BMW GT2, F1 Wheel) and wheelbase (CSL Elite) and Pedals (V3) and then restarted system and everything seems great. I open up Fanalabs and on the first tab (MAIN) I see my wheelbase and my BMW GT2 wheel as well as the V3 Pedals but when i go to the next tab (Tuning Menu) i see nothing and bottom left says No Device Recognized.

    Can someone help me with getting this Program up and running properly? I don't know if i am doing something wrong with the Installation or something else.


  • which CSL Wheelbase do you have? The V1 and V1.1 don't support driver and Fanalab Tuning Menus.

  • Thanks Sascha!!

    I reached out to Customer Service and they informed me last night. I uninstalled it immediately :(

    Was looking forward to the additional Tuning Slots i could save for different Racing Sims. Oh well.


    As i am new to Fanatec franchise, I want to test each parameter one by one to see how they feel.

    1- Is it possible to copy the settings from SET 1 to SET 2-5? While testing; dialing all the parameters manually is a choir. Add my poor eye sight which makes seeing the tiny parameter values on my 4k's impossible.

    2- Why can not we edit saved presets offline? Instead of struggling in an already tight and cramped triple screen rig, jumping back and forth between apps, editing in the comfort of desktop monitor at our leisure time would be a real time saver.

    I am sure the long time users do not even need to open Fanalab and tweak much anymore. For the new users, especially who has several sims to adjust, such functionality is very essential.

    I hope you implement these soon.


  • Not sure if there is a recommended way, but i do this:

    • export settings to a file named slotx.pws (x = 1..5)
    • open file with text editor
    • change SETUPIDX entry to new slot number and save file
    • import file
  • I guess official response will be " Not recommended". But it will definitely ease the pain until Fanatec "Officially" updates the software. 😀

    Thanks for the heads up.

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