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  • Hi, Yes, with BeamNG, it would be very useful, I did not manage to configure the FFB correctly for BeamNG with my clubsport v3. I does not feel good at all. Was better with my Logitech G29 :(

  • I've been using Fanalab without any problems for a long time. I recently installed a D-Box 4250i and have had nothing but problems with Fanalab since. In the past twenty four hours I've had to reinstall twice just to get Fanalab to communicate with my wheel again. Last night I was playing F1 without any problems, this morning open Fanalab and for every game profile I select a message is displayed Device MIsmatch. In the year I've been using my equipment I have never seen this message.

    Are there known issues with D-Box and Fanatec stuff. The hardware is very nice, just getting the games to launch properly has been an experience and required multiple support calls. For example install WRC9 in any place but the default location and DBOX doesn't recognize the software as being installed. After you move it to the default location it still won't launch because it can't communicate with the Epic Game store. Yet launch WRC9 from Epic Launcher or Start Menu and it's fine.

    Thank you.

  • Is there anyway to disable the BME LED's completely using Fanalb 1.54.5?

    I have some night stints coming up in the 24 Hr Nurburgring race and even though I have Disabled all LED's and saved the profile they still light up when in iRacing. Is there a setting in iRacing I also have to disable?

    Cheers for any info

  • yes, you simply need to disable the LEDs in Fanalab:

    in iRacing you need to uncheck "Use wheel shift indicator" under Options -> External Display

  • Thanks Sascha, I had the Fanalab ones done right but missed the one in iRacing options, appreciate the info.


  • Are there any plans to support flag LED's or any other steering wheel indications for rFactor2 in Fanalab? I bought the Clubsport Formula V2 for this reason and for me they are not of any use- apart from knowing I'm in the pitlane (which is obvious anyway).

  • Is there a way to make the PBME ITM Page 1 (or any other page than 0) appear automatically? Currently I have to hold tuning and turn the funky switch every time I turn on my wheel. I can see the setting "ITM Display favorite page" in Fanalab but I'm unable to change it from 0. Thanks

  • Not AFAIK because when a setting is greyed out in Fanalab then this setting is simply not supported by the rF2 Telemetry so there is nothing Fanalab can do. Would be up to the game Developer then.

  • Hi everyone, i Just updated Fanalab to this 1.54.5 version. I have a csl elite PS4 base and a F1 esport wheel with csl elite pedals.

    I can not get the telemetry to work on F1 2020, i disabled fanatec LED in game, as weel as set the correct UDP Port (20888) both in Fanalab and in game. UDP format Is 2020 and the refresh rate Is 60hz. Fanalab keeps showing the "Telemetry is not initialized" error message in the bottom banner and on top of the f12020 icon.

    In game i tried both UDP broadcast on or off, as well as different ports number.

    Fanalab just do not want to connect to F12020

    Many many thanks to whom might help me.


  • Are there any plans in the future to be able to scroll between the ITM screens without needing to use two buttons at the same time so that you can change on the fly? Not really user friendly if trying to steer and press two sepetate buttons on either side of the wheel at once.

  • Bugger

  • could you please try a different UDP port, like 20777 for example? Also disable UDP forwarding.

  • Hi Sascha, thanks for helping, i alredy tried different ports. UDP forwarding is the in game setting below the mail UDP option, right? The one that when switched off enable the UDP Port IP adress to be entered? If that's the case, i tried both on and off and with both UDP Port Number (IP and main one) set to 20888 and the again with 20777 (obiouvsly i changed the fanalab UDP Port Number too).

    Don't know what to do.

  • Hello Maurice, thank you for your reply. I think this is a bit confusing. I know from personal experience that rFactor 2 sim telemetry provides information on yellow flag, blue flag, black flag, green flag, DRS activated/active/enabled, safety car, antistall, pit request, pit crew read, and a multitude of additional information. Many people who have developed SimHub dashboards (like me) are aware of that and can see the raw data coming from the telemetry feed. So, are you saying that the game developer needs to use your SDK to push the specific telemetry data into Fanalab in 'Fanalab Lingo' or is there some other issue? I find it such a shame that this weakness limits the use of the Fanatec wheel displays so much.

  • I don't know if this has been reported, but using anyone of the "minimize" options breaks the software. It keeps fighting the settings by trying to maximize itself, or stay maximized, etc... Please investigate, otherwise, FANALAB is fantastic, especially when a user is forced to switch between multiple games.

  • Hey all, I have my brand spanking new Porsche rim setup tonight but do tvknkw how to configure fanalab so that the default screen is on my wheelbase but the steering wheel shows the ITM data. Can this be done?


  • Hmm, okay, I was able to work out how to have the display on the base different to on wheel, tuning button and funky switch down but in AMS2 everytime I start a new lap it resets the bases screen to match the ITM display on my wheel.

    Is this a known bug?

  • 4 months since the last update.. :)D

    Hanging to get some orange LED's...

  • You've probably set the auto page switch option at Fanalab. In front of some of the data fields at Fanalab you'll recognize little arrows. Assuming they're green on your system, just click them to uncheck (becoming grey then) to disable the auto switch feature.

  • Oh, and don't forget to save your active profile after you've unchecked the auto switch, otherwise it will be activated again after a restart of Fanalab.....

  • Thanks, yes that did it, the green arrows but be on by default, I had not even noticed them or what they did, lol.

  • Actually a question for you, can I set the auto page switch to just work on the pbme? I can see the arrows are there but I cannot make them green, when I click on them they just stay white.

  • Auto-page-switch feature is currently disabled for the BME because of a Firmware issue which still needs to be fixed at some point before that feature can be enabled for the BME.

  • hi everyone, i'm looking to confirm if something i'm experiencing is a bug and if anyone else experiences the same thing. i have profiles set up across multiple titles but i mainly switch between iracing and AC / ACC. something that happens quite frequently when switching titles is the steering angle doesn't match the game and i have to recalibrate (profiles in AC are set to 1080, auto for iracing and ACC).

    is this expected behaviour or a bug that others have too? if anyone else has this, what has been your solution, other than just recalibrating when it happens?

  • I have never had this issue in any of the Sims I play. Is there an in-game setting that needs to be set as well?

  • yup i can always recalibrate but it's as if switching from one title to another can mess with the calibration in the other title.

  • Do you use fanalab at all? If so do you have the same issue when using that?

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