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  • yup i do, that's why it strikes me as odd. doesn't look to be common so maybe it's to do with the way i have things set up on my system

  • any chance you set a profile as default for one game and didn't do it for the other and the profile for game x stays loaded when you start game y?

    are you using different SEN settings for the different games?

  • I apologize if this sounds like dumb questions, but I'm going to ask them anyway.

    If I use Fanalab, I don't have to use the wheel to change settings, correct? Fanalab does the same as the wheel plus extra tuning, correct? Or is there any setting on the wheel that Fanalab can't tweak?

  • Correct, I only use fanalab to control the wheelbase and wheel behaviour, it is a great bit of software.

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    Wrong thread. Delete this post.

  • I have run into an issue with Fanalab causing issues with other telemetry capturing apps in iRacing. My understanding this is a known issue.

    Wondering when a newer version may be coming out to address this issue ?

    In particular, I use Sim Racing Studio for motion, wind, and shakers. The only way I can get SRS to work in iRacing while Fanalabs is running, is to close SRS, open iRacing and go onto a track with a car, restart SRS and then it works no problem.


  • Hi,

    I really like Fanalab but it took time to figure out how it works together with DashPanel and to make the vibration on the wheel work.

    The solution was simhub. (UDP forwarding)

    Now it all works great on F1 2020 Pc Version.

  • Is it a known bug, that on minimizing Fanalab, sometimes the title bar doesn't disapper, but gets moved to the lower left corner above the taskbar?

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    Yes that's a known issue and fixed for the next version as long as you dont use other tools like DisplayFusion or so to control Window sizes etc.

    Just a Quick btw: you are not on the latest version 1.54.5.

  • does anyone know how or why the for the reasoning that on my fanalab, when I boot up AC or Raceroom, that in the game profiles it is still under unavailable and I'm not able to edit or create profiles for those games. When my other games like Iracing, F12020, and ACC are always highlighted and available.

  • I just upgraded after posting this ;)

    Good to hear that it's gonna be solved.

    Thx for sharing the knowledge

  • no stress however can we please have all change log info added to post # 1 in future builds...?

  • Hi everyone , i came here for a little help , i have the latest version , and enjoy with great Fanalab app , but got a little problem when i save a profil for ACC i got everything , but miss Base ITM info , i choose the first one with laps and much more info , i set it on favorite by slecting the star , save it on my acc profil , but i have to go on Fanalab to select it everytimes in tunr of my base

    And i see on the parameters Analysis Dsiplay favorite page stay at 0 even i set 1 and save it

  • Mr.

    I am trying to install on my PC, Fanalab x86 v1.53 and v1.54.5 in both cases I get the same error (error code 2503 - 2502) someone from

    you can help me with this problem.

    Receive a warm greeting

    Sres. Estoy intentando instalar en mi PC la versión de Fanalab x86V1.53 o V1.54.5 y en los dos casos me da el mismo error, ( error code 2503 -2502 ) alguien de vdes me puede ayudar.

    Reciban un cordial saludo

  • Hey Guys, i want to make a feature suggestion for future versions of Fanalab.

    Maybe you can add something like Heusinkvelds Smart Control. It seems to be relativly easy doable, because it's just a driver thing i think.

    Would be great to adjust this stuff :)

  • That's more something for the driver and not directly for Fanalab.

  • Oh okay. Should i Post it there? :)

  • Hi! I feel like this is a really stupid question, but I just can't figure it out: How can I edit the game profiles? I set up the recommended profile for iRacing, which is loading fine, but I have to adjust the braking force every time manually after the profile loaded. I don't see any controls to change the braking force or any other setting and then save it to a new profile for that game. Can you help me? Thanks!!

  • Just go through the settings tabs "Tuning Menu" / "Dynamic FFB" / "Vibration" / "LED" / "ITM" and dial in your settings there. As soon this is done to your liking, return to the "Game Profile" tab and save the settings to a new profile, using the buttons on the bottom left.

    You could save as many profiles as you'll like, e.g. one for each car. Or a single iRacing profile, which could be set as default and goinf to be loaded automatically, as soon as you've started iRacing. However, with the use of Fanalab, this doesn't make sense imho, as this software is ideally to have a decent profile for each car. On top, I have different iRacing profiles per car AND per steering wheel, as I've adjusted FFB according to diameter and weight of my wheels.

  • When can we expect a new update? Its been a while and there are still a lot of little annoyances in FanaLab.

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    At this point, I assume it will be when they release their new products (CSL DD wheel base, pedals, QR, and the BMW Podium wheel (if that really exists as a product for consumers, which seems unlikely now since they have zero updates since late last year)).

    That's just my guess though. Either way, no guarantee it will fix any of your problems or annoyances, though honestly, my Fanalab works well aside from the ITM jolts.

    **edit: apparently the BMW wheel will work with the CSL DD according to today's blog post, not sure if that counts as a recent BMW wheel update - still hard to believe no pricing or release date.

  • I first downloaded Fanalab 1.53 with a G25 wheel and my new Fanatec V3 pedals playing Assetto Corsa and everything worked great. I had rumble on my brake and throttle.

    When I played Automobilista 2 and RaceRoom the rumble was still there. However a funny thing happened when I tried to play Assetto Corsa through Fanalab again. The rumble stopped working. I suspect that it is because the Fanalab software was not recognising the game even when I opened it through Fanalab. I upgraded the version to 1.54 but the issue was still there as you can see in the screenshot.

    What might be causing this issue and is there a way that it can be fixed? Having the rumble in my pedals really allows me to feel the limit of the car as I am using a 49 inch wide screen.

  • Fanalab only detecs when AC is actually running and not just the Launcher.

  • So what should I do to get rumble back? Previously to get rumble I would open Fanalab and then open ac within Fanalab and ac would register as running.

  • I can't open the fanalab configuration page

    The fanalab itself is installed correctly and functions well, including the LEDs, but the screen is blank and I can't even see the settings.

    If you have some ideas, please help.

  • Is it a known problem, that FanaLab will always show up in the Alt+Tab Menu like this when it is minimized?

    Also another small point: When FanaLab is already running in an instance and you try to open it again, you currently get an error message saying that FanaLab is already running:

    Isn't it possible to just simply open that currently running instance of FanaLab?

    However these are just some very minor points to an otherwise very well functioning and useful piece of software.

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