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  • Hallo,,

    Can someone help me please how i can fix the Issue that my Games are not shown in the

    Game Profils from Fanalab so that i can use the itm Data for my Wheel.Thank you.

  • Wait for the next update, who knows when? You can add the game exe as mentioned in a previous comment, this will allow a game profile to load when the game starts BUT the wheel LED's will not work... At least for me in AC. Hopefully they'll do something sooner than later, surely an easy fix on their end.

  • Its ridiculous this isnt updated right away for official support. My motion platform was updated BEFORE the 2021 came out.

  • Thanks for the fast Answer,how do i put the exe manual to the fanalab configuration xml.When i look

    into the xml all looks ok with the Game exe,what have i corectly to write in the Fanalab Configuration xml ?

    Thank you for your help.

  • I keep getting this report code onscreen in the game too

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    Normal and not an issue...

    If at all then it would be a game issue and not a Fanalab issue.....

  • I don't know, I haven't bothered with it, the software should just work. However, there was a post earlier that explained everything, have a look for that.

  • Having an issue where Fanalab isn't changing the tuning settings on my DD1. It recognizes the wheelbase, wheel and pedals, and loads the game profiles correctly in the software, but the settings on the actual wheelbase never change. I can change the settings from the wheelbase tuning menu like normal. It worked fine until the last Fanalab update I believe- a few weeks ago I noticed my iRacing settings felt "light"- and when I checked the wheelbase tuning menu, the settings did not match what Fanalab is showing. Thoughts?

  • Is there any eta on when fanalab will actually have an update to include F1 2021?

  • As a main sponsor of the franchise, Fanatec needs to get its act together and be ready to go with updates on day 1 of new releases 🤬🤬🤬

  • Is fanatec drivers update always such a hassle? I'm looking to get into the ecosystem and just wanna get the correct information about what to expect before I do.

    If I read this correctly Assetto Corsa , a game that was released over 6 years ago and is massively popular isn't properly supported yet by the fanatec software? WHAT?

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    It's the other way around. Assetto Corsa does not support new Fanatec Wheel Bases which came on the market after the game went end of life. BUT Fanatec developed a workaround with the Compatibility Mode to make new Fanatec Bases also natively working in this older games.

    The Fanatec Software called FanaLab FULLY Supports Assetto Corsa without any issues also in PC mode.

  • Hey guys,

    Since i reinstalled Windows i am encountering this display problem concerning fanalab, instead of sing text i see those weird images as in the attachment below. Any clues ?

  • Just got some Fanatec gear, trying to get into Fanalab. I have some games that Fanalab don't support like WRC 9 (weird its not supported since Fanatec sponsors it) . Have I understood it correctly that I can make a profile with ffb settings, save it under any other game like Iracing, load the profile so its active, start WRC 9 from Windows and then the game will use the active profile's ffb settings loaded in Fanalab?

    Or how can I make and save a profile that works in WRC 9?

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    Thank you.

    I need a larger or scalable font, please 🙏

  • Hello. I am new user of V3 pedals and I have issue with FanaLab software. Even with newest 1.54.5 update FanaLab is turning off by otself durring play (in Assetto Corsa). I am just driveing and in some times I have no more pedals vibration. After Alt+Tab I can see that FanaLab is no more running. Anyone had similar issue? Thanks!

  • I have an issue , where the RPM LED's are defaulted to absolute values over percentages EVERY time. I've created my custom percentages, saved the profile. Set the profile as default for ACC, yet every time is still loads with absolute values and not percentages.

    If I view the profile from the game profile tab, the LED preview section even shows the percentages - but in game the LED's light up and flash based off absolute values. Until I go back into fanalab, untick percentage and then re tick it again.. Any idea how to fix this?

  • Are you sure you set the % profile as default for the game? If done right the profile will load automatically when you statt the game.

    It's intended that Fanalab itself opens with RPM everytime you open it.

  • Yep, like I said I've set the %'s I want and saved the profile and then set default. See screenshot attached.

    It ALWAYS loads with absolute values though, until I go into fanalab and switch it off % and then back onto %. Very annoying

  • so to understand, when you start ACC then in the LED Tab the values remain on RPM and dont change to % but the profile gets loaded fine otherwise with LED colors, Display settings, Tuning Menu etc?

  • Correct, despite % being in my default profile. When I load ACC for the first time, absolute values are used for the RPM LED's. I can go into fanalab and change this to % and it stays. If I close and reopen the game, it remains. The next time I shutdown and restart my computer and load ACC (fanalab starts with windows) , it's back to absolute values. All other settings from my profile appear to load fine such as the tuning menu or other LED settings from the Telemetry Data List.

  • Hello, need help :)

    I use CSWB v2.5 and my Button Module Endurance does not work correctly. ITM in FanaLab not defined. Does it even have to work with this base?

    All software versions are latest. Telemetry is displayed in fanalab logs. In general, the bulbs are on, everything is ok, but the ITM does not work.

    I usually use Fanaled. Because it very conveniently displays information that the fuel is running out. In Fanalab I still could not figure out how to make the indication work. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can only select the ITM pages of the BME with the button combination shown in the online Quick Guide of the BME (Press and hold Tuning Button, then turn Funky Switch).

    You currently cant select ITM pages in FanaLab for the BME because of a 2 year old Firmware bug which hopefully gets fixed at some time

  • Thank you! I'm not very smart))

    Yesterday I read about it, but I thought that I needed to do something else before that.

    Yesterday, when I tried it, nothing came of it. Now, too, not the first time I turned it on and did not fully understand how exactly, I turn on the 5th screen, then the 4th, after 20 attempts I was able to turn on the second screen at last.

    It is a pity that editing is not available, I hope they will fix it. Thanks again!

  • Can someone help. Just recently when i boot up Fanalab. the game that i own wont show up on Fanalab and are grayed out and say unavailable. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Fanalab and still nothing?

  • It's a Steam detection issue which needs to be fixed with a new Fanalab version hopefully sometime this year.

  • Dang okay. Any insight on when that may be or when they will introduce F1 2021 to Fanalab as well?

  • Am looking to see if anyone has this problem when i go to setup my wheel via fanalab i have a strange issue when i put the mouse pointer over the rows to change a setting eg ffb % they then extend from left to right from the e in base to the reset button the actual words become vertical lines and the reset button is now coloured out and if i run the mouse pointer over the words it shows them again. I need to use this as the rotational control for altering setting percentages is screwed and does not work. Would appreciate any ideas to solve this so far have uninstalled and reinstalled, reset but nothing works.

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