WRC8 and DD2

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I own WRC for PS4 and really enjoyed playing it. When I purchased the PC version I was so unhappy I sent an email to the developer and didn't play it for a very long time. I went thru a similar experience with Wreckfest, less the email to the developer, and eventually spent a few weeks tweaking settings to the point where it's one of my favorite games again. Few weeks ago I figured why not take a stab at WRC, there aren't many settings. The result is below. I used the Ford Fiesta WRC, Alpine A110, Finland and Turkey Rally's for testing. The settings seem to work equally well at the other locations especially Argentina.

I own a DD2 with the latest non-beta firmware, R300 Podium wheel and Heusinkveld Pedals, Sequential Shifter and Handbrake. I found the Engine setting a little flakey, if I raise the value above 69 I feel a thunk in the shifter when I shift, among other weird vibrations. I went thru each setting separately and in combinations changing the values one click at a time. My apologies if I stole someone's settings. I started with the defaults and went from there, similar to what I did with Wreckfest. Dirt Rally is still my favorite but after playing it as much as I have and spending time tweaking WRC settings, much to my surprise WRC is a blast.

Be interested in any feedback from other DD2 owners

Comp V2.5

SEN 540

FF 49


NDP 14




FEI 80

FOR 90

SPR 90

DPR 90



Ingame Settings

Max Wheel Angle      540

Overall Force      100

Self Aligning Torgue 104

Tyre Load      111

Self Centre      100

Recreate Force      100

Overall Vibration 79

Tyre Slip      101

Suspension      107

Ground Surface      124

Engine          69

Collision      71

Throttle Pedal      0

Brake Pedal      0

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