Podium APM Magnet not set properly

Just to start off, I have already started a return process but I just wanted to check to see if anyone else has had same issue.

I have been using the APM for about a week when all of the sudden it stopped recognizing any shift changes on the middle paddles. I quickly opened the Fanatec Wheel Properties application to check the function. It shoed that the right middle paddle was steady activated even though i wasnt even touching it. I did quick visual inspection of the paddles and noticed that specific paddle was slight pressed in more then the others. Looking at it closer i saw that the magnet on the paddle side of the switch had worked its way out of its home and was preventing the paddle from disengaging fully.

Has anyone had issues with the magnets coming loose and causing this issue? it appears they are just set in there with glue or something.


  • Yes it can happen and a few people also created a topic about it on this forum.

    Fanatec uses a bit of a different design, that requires the magnets are glued in to place. Other designs don’t require any glue and the magnets are keeping them selfs in place without glue. But this design weakens the magnets a bit. About the Fanatecs it looks like in a rare situation the glue did not attach correctly resulting in the magnet is coming lose.

    Best to wait answer of support.

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