Podium Button Module Endurance not showing ITM info in CSW 2.5

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I wish I could get some help to fix the only problem I found with my brand new Fanatec rig. I own a CSW 2.5 and the Podium Button Endurance Module for 3 days. Everything is ok but the BME ITM info is not displayed it should, cause I don't even get any page I've seen in some videos (about how CSW and BME work together), I just get the current speed and the leds working. I'm using the latest version of Fanalab, and the ITM is enable in fanalab and the icon is showed all the time on the right button corner of the dash. But the dash only shows I've tried everything I could google but I still don't know how to switch to the ITM info panel.

This is the info I get (taken from Fanatec's official video)

No info like here:

I'm mostly driving ACC. I'm using this drivers versions:

PC driver 402.

Wheel base 684

Wheel base motor 22

Steering wheel 17

I would appreciate some help. I've searched for videos or so and couldn't get a solution for my trouble. Probably I am not doing something right, don't know. Thanks a lot in advance.


  • You need to run FanaLab in the background and then select the ITM pages as shown in the Quick Guide (Pressing and holding the Tuning Menu button and then turn the funky switch)

  • Thanks a lot! I feel so silly :) I had tried a lot of combinations but not the right one. You've made my day, thanks Maurice.

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