DD1, BME and Xbox Hub - only part working in Xbox FM7

Hi all,

DD1 running latest firmware. Xbox hub, BME.

Everything works wonderfully i Project Cars 2 but when I switch game to Forza I get three weird behaviours.

1 - the BME setting swtich is super laggy, doesn;t register all presses when in game. If I hit the Xbox button to go to the concol menu then it springs back to life.

2 - the paddle shifts do not work (but the mapped button for LT and RT do). So I cannot change gear. Actually, that's a lie - if I hold a paddle down for ages it might suddenly register repeated inputs.

3 - I get erratic button presses, or bounces. E.g. if I use the funky switch to go left - it might register 3 or 4 left inputs.

If I switch back to Project Cars 2 - all works again without any reboot needed.

Have tried power cycling both DD1 and Xbox but no change. Have re-seated the hub. No luck. I am assuming this must be software related as it appears only to affect this game. I cannot see any game settings to change.

Any idea?



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