Fanatec DD2 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck SImulator

I love ETS2 and ATS so much so that I invested thousands of dollars into a Fanatec DD2 system, just so that I could have 2500 degrees of steering rotation for maximum realism. However, both ETS2 an ATS struggle to provide realistic force feedback and the experience with my system has been subpar. Does anyone have any settings or tips that they can recommend for a Fanatec Direct Drive System? Another issue is that the behavior or the centering spring is unrealistic in that it applies an extremely strong centering force that is not linear, but a huge spike in intensity, when taking turns/curves above 20 miles per hour. Does anyone know how to potentially adjust the wheel centering behavior algorithm and if such a thing exists. I've had this system for over 14 months and still haven't managed to get it to feel anywhere close to right.


  • Here are some settings I had in my notes, these are from about a year ago, and may require some tweaking with the current version of both truck sims:

    In Game settings for ATS/ETS2 + Fanatec DD1

    FFB on

    FF gain - Full

    Stifness - Full

    Center - full

    Engine - 0

    Terrain 50%

    Dampers - started with 50% but it's chunky in game, set to full off and it seemed much smoother.

    DD1 notes

    Primary FFB set to 75% (with torque key removed)

    SEN = AUTO (but probably should be 900)

    LIN = Force Feedback Linearity = Off

    NDP = Natural Damper = 50

    NFR = Natural Friction = 5

    NIN = Natural Inertia = 100

    INT = FFB INterpoliation (smoothing) = 20 (highest)

    FEI = Force feedback intensity mapped from game = 100

    FOR = Force Effect strength = 100

    SPR = Spring to center strength from game = 100

    DPR = In game Damper multiplier = 100

    BLI = Brake level indicator (%break = vibration) = 0ff

    SHO = Vibrarion (hand motors) strength = 100

    BRF = Break Force = 68

    A few notes: LIN used to be off by default but it is now ON by default in the last few driver releases - LIN seems to really reduce the force feedback feeling, you'll note in my settings that I used to use FFB WITHOUT the torque key - WITH the torque key AND LIN set to 0, I'd use a much lower force. Bottom line: mess with the force a bit.

    A second note: For nearly forever, ATS/ETS specifically seem to have a problem with force feedback if you Alt-tab out and come back in- I've no idea why this happens and it seems like a restart is usually needed to fix this. This may or may not be an issue for you, but it's something to keep in mind if you're a multi tasker - even if the other app is on another screen, it seems like Alt-tabbing to it can mess things up.

    A third note: I've not tried it, but someone made a force feedback plugin for ATS/ETS2 - it could be worth looking at if you're trying to get more control.

  • These are the settings I've been playing with currently, not sure if they'd work for you but ya never know.. you could lower the in-game ffb centering if it is still too much and ffb stiffness like in the pictures to get a different feel. Mind you I've never sat in, let alone stood near a Semi/ Big Rig/ Truck in real life so if you have and use these settings let me know how far off I am. I'm using a DD1 with a P1 rim so FFB is set ~ CSW 2.5 ffb so these settings may not help you at all...

  • With the same Fantec Wheel Properties (same settings for wheel base as above) and these settings in game you get a lot lighter of a wheel, making single handed turning easier without the spring/ centering force overwhelming. I like the stiffness a little more but these can work if you want FFB but still want to be able to turn your wheel the full DOR without needing 2 hands to do it..

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