The new standarDD: The CSL DD



  • It looks amazing! However why not include the bigger PSU directly? Why not include the new QR system directly instead of introducing yet another one? Is it really worth having many slight variations of the same product?

    Those are little things but it will greatly improve your customer experience. Discovering that you have to place another order to get the full spec of your wheel base is not a good experience and it is also wasteful for the environment.

  • Very interesting new product. Hoping a PS compatible version will come in time as that's a huge market lost if only the Podium PS4 DD1 will be PS compatible. Hoping it's just a short term licensing issue and they'll be two versions as with CSL Elite

  • Will it be compatible with my Formula Carbon?

  • Will the new Quick Release System be compatible to CSL Elite? Not in the way to change it, but thinking oft thAt new wheels may be not compatible?

  • If J want the 8Nm version do J have a waste 5Nm power supply to put in land fill? Seems wastfull in a environmental pollution kind of way.

    I think this needs a rethink.....

    I don't see the universal hub in any that a dead product now?

  • Hmmm Gary and you're right. I would just make it 8nm and include the better powersupply and just raise the praise a bit. Powersupply's aren't that expensive so 400 must do the job.

  • Hey, this looks awesome.. Since i only can use it with my playseat challenge, u guys think it could work fine or maybe the playseat is to unstable?

  • Sascha KaymerSascha Kaymer Member
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    and if people don't want the 8Nm? what if a casual sim racer just wants the small 5Nm DD at home? Giving choices ain't bad.

  • New QR? The QR shown in the video is the well known QR all bases have.

  • I worry more about QR.

    On the video USB-C QR. So if i have a dd 1 or 2?

    It will be 2 different QR? Or same with different connection types?

  • Hugely disruptive product, well done. I hope to see a larger push to improve the overall firmware situation though. As a DD1 owner, it's been quite disappointing. We still can't reliably use telemetry in the DD1 base OLED, which is kinda crazy considering that it's been out for 4 years. And there are still occasional "knocks" that happen from time to time, even with the latest beta.

  • Any of this new technology have an advantage to trickle UP into the DD1 and DD2 models? Or am I missing something? Yes, I realize DD1 and 2 have much higher torque.

  • I'm 100% sure it will be stable. I have been a click away from buying the Podium so many times but I don't have the space for a full rig and can only use a wheel stand. The power isn't that much, it is under the current CSL and with the more powerful supply it matches the CSW.

    It will work perfectly fine with big wheel stands/light rigs...

  • I am thinking it will be about 10 pounds. Looks so compact . Maybe less parts than the CSW or Elite wheelbases. So less parts equals less cost? Anyway this looks good.

    Hopefully ready for Christmas..

    I'm looking forward to what else is new that they will be sharing soon.

  • Then there needs some kind of toggle into the wheelbase. Or in the driver.

  • So I guess no more outrunners?

    The new DD looks great but I am going to hate the fact that it may feel smoother than my DD1

  • Very impressive product, amazing mid-market wheel with DD at a very attractive price point.

    Definitely we need the PS4/PS5 version, and/or CSW DD to be announced soon!

    I'm ready to upgrade from my CSW V2.5 with Drivehub!

  • It's a new QR. It is removable and connects to the base with USB C.

  • Tomaz JerasTomaz Jeras Member
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    Great news!

    I wanted to buy CSW 2.5, but they just went out of stock. Very sad then.

    But after these news, who would buy a belt drive base anymore?

    I just hope, it will be done right with good quality.

    Perfect base for my Playseat Challenge rig.

    Count me in!

  • Outrunner vs inrunner is a discussion that get's kinda useless as soon as you power a device on and start using it, in sim racing both aren't working on the top of what they can do and are able to deliver way more than we as sim racers are asking from it in general.

    So yes an inrunner is smoother when it's turned of and yes it's smoother when you aren't driving but as a SC2 sport and DD2 owner i can say the difference isn't that noticeable after a few corners unless you have full focus on it and paying attention to that minor detail certainly isn't going to make you faster ;)

    However with this new motor available it wouldn't surprise me if they switched everything to one motor type in the future (and sure it will be a bit larger if it needs to deliver 3x the torque to match (with the larger power supply) the current DD2).

    About the CSL DD, i'm quite amazed they where able to fit it in such a small package, i honestly thought it would be very unlikely they could pull it off. But it looks like a game changer, direct drive, fanless design, acceptable torque levels for 90% (probably even more) of the market, a good looking design that breaths quality. If i were Thrustmaster, Logitech, Simagic, VRS and all those other manufactures who are just below of above the CSL DD i would scratch myself at the back of my head thinking "what the f*ck just happened here and how are we going to counter this one".

    I do however have some concerns also, the software from Fanatec is still something that needs loads of improvement. Hardware wise we don't have much to complain but it would be nice if they were able to match that level software wise as they are raising the bar on hardware level. Because at this moment software is the achilles heel at Fanatec, outstanding issues that are open for more than a year without any known progress, transparency or timeframe when those issues finally will be fixed. Hardware wise Fanatec is more than capable of delivering good stuff, software wise... well i couldn't find a political correct phrase for it so let's leave it for interpretation 😉

  • Form and function is still the same to the older QR... yes it is removable and yes it connects via USB. doesn't change its form.

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    I guess that the PS compatibility will come with a prize increase (+50€ ?), as was the case with the CSL bases, "v1.1" and "+-". I have already assumed that, but what I'm unhappy about is that if they are announcing today that the PS5 compatibility will come soon, this is probably because they don't expect to get the PS5 license in time for the Q3 launch. More time to save money though!! :)

  • I think there will be no PS compatibility anymore, because Sony wants to sell their own hardware and won't give licence to other companies anymore.

    I have CSL Elite at home to play with PS and CSW 2.5 in work to play on PC. Do you think, that this new product will be better than CSW 2.5 and it will be worth to change it?

  • The perfect upgrade I was waiting for. I'm getting rid of my G920 soon. 😀

  • If you read Thomas post in full he is mentioning.


    The CSL DD uses an improved, automotive-grade, all-aluminium quick release. This component is user-exchangeable, ready for the transition to the all-new QR2 system (coming soon). And of course we are working on more DDs, including PS5 licensed DDs, as well.

    DD is the way to go in all our product lines.


  • Graeme GibbsGraeme Gibbs Member
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    Any details on the mounting options? Is it T-Nut only on the bottom, or is the stand 3 bolt pattern also available?

  • Very curious about this, I need to know if my GT Omega Apex Wheelstand will have the holes to mount the CSL-DD

  • Any wheel stand or cockpit that is compatible with CSL Elite, CSW V2/V2.5 or Podium DD1/2 will be compatible with CSL DD.

    Note: for side mounting on a SIM-LAB cockpit it should be taken into account that CSL DD is 15 millimeters narrower than Podium DD1/2.

  • Excellent news indeed! My Playseat Challenge won't need upgrading [for now! ;-)]

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