The new standarDD: The CSL DD



  • Things are either the same or different - they can't be both. Not in my universe anyway. If you mean it retains compatibility with existing wheels - just say that.

  • What's peoples opinion on this as a first system?

    Looking at this base, the €200 wrc wheel, csl loadcell pedals and a play seat challenge as need to be able to store it away when not in use.

    Not had any wheel before.

  • Seems a solid option. But remember - nobody has tried this wheel yet and it won't be shipping until October - or later. Until then you'll hear only speculation and opinion, not personal experience.

  • I am pretty sure Fanatec tested this to death already, I just have a concern about how smooth the wheel will be. I admit that I know nothing about how direct drive tech works, and I did see a video or two that attempted to describe how a hybrid stepper motor works (at the time I was looking at getting a wheel from a competitor). Something about staider teeth and magnetic forces allowing for more positions based on how the teeth are energized. It mostly went over my head but the amount of teeth and how it's energized stuck.

    Now looking at the internals of your renderings (I am sure you aren't showing everything), I just wonder if the motors will create smooth forces. While I'm chomping at the bit on getting one, I wouldn't if it turns out that the FFB is as lumpy as a pot of grits that wasn't stirred when making it. Is the design similar to the Podium wheels in this regard?

  • Fair point, assuming the csl elite/csw is now discontinued tho, and i want something that will both last me a while and can be upgraded bit by bit rather than a complete replacement each time "counts out the logitec and basic thrustmaster systems" and don't really wanna go over £1k for the full setup including the seat/frame i don't really see much other options.

  • from the images it looks like Fanatec will use an inrunner motor, rather than an outrunner like they do with the Podium DDs. I can feel minimal small steps in my DD1 when the base is turned off and on at idle, once ingame it is butter smooth. I think the inrunner will have the tendency to be even smoother.

  • Thomas-

    The details say this is compatible with podium wheels, but i feel like most bases have said that.

    IIRC the csw/csl were not compatible (missing pins?) with the podium endurance module used in the latest Porsche wheel. Will that wheel bundle/module work on this base with full functionality?

  • If those images are real (and i don't see any reason why they wouldn't be) it's definitely an inrunner which will result in a cogging free rotation when the base is turned off or when there isn't any load on it. While it's the main defense of most Simecube owners it's a use case that really doesn't make any sense in my personal opinion.

    At the moment i have a SC2 sport next to my DD2 and yes the SC2 runs butter smooth when it's turned off, it still runs butter smooth when it's turned on. Now you can make the guess how many times i rotated the wheel in this situation.... once, maybe twice to see what's the difference but to be honest i tend to forget it after the first few corners while racing and i don't even notice it anymore to be honest unless i am fully focussing on it and when doing that while racing i usually end up in the wall upside down so it certainly doesn't matter when racing.

    Main reason why they made the choice for an inrunner probably is (and probably someone at Fanatec who develops the hardware can confirm this) because it's more efficient and less heat is developped which results in the fact you are more likely you can get away with passive cooling and although i was quite sure Fanatec couldn't pull off all of this in such a small package (and boy i was wrong) i am pretty sure they couldn't fit an additional fan in it that has the size it has on the DD1/2.

    Bottomline is that both an inrunner and outrunner are perfectly fine for sim racing and are able to deliver way more than we are asking from it, even a stepper could do the job perfectly fine although there would be some heavy filtering needed so end of the day processing that filtering is way more difficult than just pick a proper motor right away ;)

  • Wasn't support on the CSW a firmware issue? Checking the PBME product page it should work, the CSL however isn't mentioned on the PBME product page but i honestly don't see any reason why they shouldn't make it compatible with the new CSL DD.

  • The main question is, can you attach the CSL Elite table clamp on this super cool wheelbase? I dont have a cockpit at all if you ask but might get one.

  • Good job Thomas.

    I already have the CSW 2.5. I am gonna wait for the CSW DD with more torque. Thanks.

  • If you mean this table clamp, the answer is no.

    There is a table clamp which is made especially for the CSL DD and you will be able to order.

  • Since I don't own or have tried both wheel bases I will take your word for it. I agree on not making you faster.

    It is just at this price range (DD1, DD2, SC2 etc) we are looking at enthusiast level products where we expect even the most minor and insignificant details to be perfect, that's all. A lot of the aliens out there are using G29s or worse so we know equipment plays a very small role in results.

    I am happy with my DD1, I am not even bothered by the jolts when enabling the ITM (since I race in VR) or the sub-par QR but this does not mean

  • Please let the Playstation version be released at the same time, or put the PS security chip in the USB connecting QR and sell a PS compatible shaft we can upgrade to at a later date.

  • I hope when this DD is available for ordering, fanatec figures a way to prevent all of them being picked up by scalpers.

  • Konstantine you forgot to finish your sentence.

    "it does not mean"... 😄

  • I tried to write that post a number of times and always got a message it will have to be approved.

    Apparently it is a bug that appears when I quote someone. After multiple copy paste etc I got it to post but apparently something got lost in the way 😏

    I meant to write that this does not mean that fanatec should stop working on resolving these issues.

  • Yeah the latest bug forum (either multiple quotes or edits of the same post very close to each other) that throws the posts in a dark hole.... Not even the admins or mods know where to find them and approve them 😂

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    With the mclaren wheel being available June 30, right at the beginning of q3, I can’t help but think this will be timed with the wheel base, perhaps as a bundle since the wheel is so popular. Either way I’ve been waiting to get my first fanatec wheel base, so I hope their shipping will be efficient. I suppose I could get CSW worse case

  • Is it compatible with my Fanatec F1 esports wheel?

  • Here is my Biggest issue with this announcement...

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    Another YouTuber with a clickbait title and an opinion with some complaining based on nothing since the product isn’t even available yet. Can we keep that nonsense on YouTube instead of gathering some views via this forum.

  • I think many people here do not realize much of what you feel is determined by the sim and the software rather than the hardware. Case in point- My DD1 continues to feel better and better as both Fanatec releases new drivers and as sims continue to update their ffb, tire models etc.

    Point being, DD1 is plenty smooth with the right sim and very few filters enabled.

    Personally, I may try and pick one of these new DDs up to compare and maybe build a second rig 🤔

  • I hope Fanatec would give a day or two prior to general release for existing customers to order one. Damn scalpers.

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    Good idea and this would also avoid a breakdown of our website.

  • thumbs Up on that . Of course I only have pedals and not a wheel base, not yet 😎 (preordered the mclaren wheel too)

  • This is a FANTASTIC idea! I own a DD2, but my 2 sons are ready for a wheel, this CSL DD is going to be perfect for them! And I will be ordering it, keeping it, and using it, not trying to scalp are resale!

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