CSL Wheelbase crashing ACC?

After the latest update of ACC, if I sit in the pits for longer than 5mins? the wheel stops working and upon trying to close the game it crashes. The wheel base will not turn off using the button but If I pull the power connector out, the game unfreezes...


  • Can you check your usb devices settings (the port you have the CSL connected) in case it goes into sleep mode?

  • Okay, so I've disabled power management in power power options and device manager, will test to see if it still happens.

  • Did you get this resolved? I've got the CSW v2.5 (PS4 version) and it just keeps cutting out of power what it seems like when it goes into the game

  • You have to assume that it got resolved. Most people only come on a forum to complain or when they have a problem.

  • I thought I had fixed it, however just now I turned the wheel base on, then didn't start ACC for maybe 30 mins? ACC then crashes on startup every time and the wheelbase will not turn off from the button. The power cord has to be pulled. ACC then starts up fine.

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