M12x1.5 standoff for extending Clubsport 1.5 shifter?


I'm looking to see if anyone has tried extending the shifter rod with a M12x1.5 male-female standoff to extend the shifter rod. Reason for doing this is that I'd like to raise the rod a bit more since the way it's mounted on my GT-Track rig in sequential mode is a little low for my liking. I'd like to extend it by at least another 3-5 inches.

If so, do you guys have any recommendations on where to get a suitable standoff with the size I'm looking for? I'm a total hardware and tool noob so I'm trying to get informed opinions.

If not, does there exist anything on thingiverse to achieve something similar? Or know a person who I could commission to do something of the sort?

Thanks guys!

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