Clubsport 2.5 and WCR9 force feed back directed clockwise???

I have a Clubsport 2.5 I am using on an Xbox Series X with WRC 9 and almost all the force feed back is directed clockwise while the car is in motion. It does not do it while the car is still. It doesn't do it on any other games. I play Rally 2.0, Dirt 4. Forza 7 and Project Cars 2 with no issues. It's almost like all the cars in WRC9 need an alignment they all pull right pretty hard??? If I take my hand off the wheel while moving the wheel eventually ends up all the way clockwise over a period of a few seconds. My right shoulder is going to get really strong holding the car straight:) It does it on all tracks and surfaces. I'm not sure what to do? Any settings in game or in the wheelbase that could be causing this?




  • Hi Travis,

    Noticed the exact same on my CSW2.5 & P1 wheel.. I pause immediately as I notice the pulling at the start of a stage and restart the wheel base. Works everytime to reset the pull for me for the rest of my session of racing. Appears to only happen on the first race after booting up.

    Let me know how you get on?

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