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  • This will be an awesome product. I do understand all the hassle about the PSU pricing, but on the other hand:

    you get 5NM for 350 euro's and 8NM for 480 euro's

    that makes:

    70 euro's per NM for the 5NM

    60 euro's per NM for the 8NM

    still a good price imho and beats all the others

    Does everyone need 8NM? I don't think so.

    Unfortunately we still don't know when a PS compatible version is available.

    Something for the near future, I hope.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Personally, I cannot WAIT for the 8Nm version. Should be well worth the $480 price point, compared to my G920. I'm actually ready to order half the stuff I need and just haven't decided if I want to just wait or not. If buying them now got me into Wave 1, I would pull that trigger rot nohww! :D

    Can't wait to be apart of the Fanatec community!

  • So how will we know when the CSL DD is available for preorder if we're in the 1st wave? Will it come in an email with a link or will it just show up when we log in?

  • Need the pre-order dates please!

  • An email will be sent, detailing which wave you’re in and therefore when you can preorder. I want to know if there will be bundle discounts with rims, pedals etc. I’ve got everything but the wheelbase, but would definitely purchase extra goodies if bundling discounts are available!

  • Fred HFred H Member

    Are there going to be any normal round wheels available to order when this thing comes out? The Steering wheel page is pretty sparse at the moment, everything available is basically just a Formula Car/F1 wheel. Will anything like the BMW M3 GT2 wheel be available again?

    And while I think the $130 cost of the "Boost Kit" is a bit much for a simple power supply upgrade especially since you don't get the standard power supply to keep as a spare I'm most likely going to just order the 8Nm version and get it over with rather than upgrade later. These "Upgrades" do start to add up quick and this entry level DD wheel starts getting expensive fast though.

    $479 8Nm Wheel base, $30 Mount/clamp, $299 Clubsport Formula Carbon wheel, $179 Advanced Paddle Module....shipping, tax = a bit over $1000 and that's still without any pedals.

    Least expensive McLaren steering wheel option with 5Nm wheel base still comes in around $600-700'ish after tax and shipping and still no pedals. Which isn't too horrible I guess considering my current Thrustmaster T300 Alcantara was $450 when I bought it plus $199 for the T-LCM pedals.

  • What’s up team at Fanatec,

    Really excited to purchase the CSL DD at release even though I just got a CSW V2.5 days before it was discontinued lol. Along the lines of the steering wheel question asked above, is a new Xbox universal hub expected to drop soon? I need a new drifting wheel to run on Xbox! Thanks for any info you can provide.

  • Con solo la base DD y un volante,sería suficiente para jugar? No me interesa el quick release.

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    First previews tell different story. You should keep price for better power supply little lower.

    1. these are previews
    2. I think the lower version was an after thought, to make the DD technology more accessable to everyone.
    3. Some people don't need high forces and if at some point they desire to have more power, they can still upgrade.
  • Awesome discontinue the CSL Elite, the only affordable base for the playstation, and create the CSL DD and not even PlayStation compatible.

    1. Fixed
    2. They just want more people to switch to Fanatec, so lower price and probably less profit.
    3. My quess is buyers will go for 8nm, because it is chaeaper in long run and still a better deal. But lets be honest cost of power supply is probably 1/4 (maybe even less) for what they are charging.
  • yeah the PSU won't cost 130/150€, but the value in performance is what it's all about.

  • Hi Thomas,

    As a balanced response to this there are a couple of things which make me feel uncomfortable around the pricing of the upgrade power supply.

    If you decide to buy the boost power supply then the difference of Fanatec not having to supply the original standard power supply does not seem to be taken into consideration in the price. If I am paying the extra for the boost power supply, which is expensive as power supplies go, then it is unreasonable not to also supply the original 5nm supply to the customer as a backup. The point about this being environmentally friendly does not seem genuine, it would seem this is not about the environment its about profit margins. Just look at the debate around apple not supplying power supplies with phones to see how this upsets customers.

    If you are not supplying the original 5nm supply then your cost are lower and you could pass this onto customers and make the 8nm option more affordable.

    If it is simply that the offset price for the 8nm power supply and the unfair actual price for a power supply of this type is underpinning the cost of the DD drive unit it'self and the over value price to the customer I do get BTW then I dont think this is a great marketing approach. Rightly or wrongly people will feel ripped off for a power supply at this price, but would not have felt ripped off if the price of the DD unit was higher and had a sensible price choice on the 5nm or 8nm power supply prices. So I think this is something you should listen to customer feedback on. Overall value I get but you also want customers to feel affordability as well and the Power supply pricing leaves me feeling uneasy. It up to you guys how you position this and I wish you the best of luck. You asked so this is just my honest opinion. Cheers Thomas.

  • If you don't thinkt it's worth the money, don't buy it.

    They're not obligated to sell you things at cost price as they need margin to cover their opex and possibly make a profit as well, nothing wrong with that.

    And why would they give you two power adapters when you only need one? They spinned it through 'the environment' but you could also argue that this makes it possible to bring the upgrade at lesser costs to the customer then when an extra useless power thing is included.

    When you opt for leather seats in your cars they don't hand you the default chairs over as well, you just pay the premium (or not) and they sell you a seat with a fancy fabric.

    Lastly, Its not about what the thing costs to make, its about the value it gives to the customer. Totally different things. Some customers will be willing and able to pay for the upgrade and some won't.

  • Ngl, 150 for a power supply is funny af.

  • Order's been placed 😁 €505 and some change in total ain't bad at all. Looking forward to 15 September...

  • And to those complaining about an expensive power brick, I don't see anyone complaining about the €500 that was charged for the CSL Elite. I had one for 3 months but I'm glad I managed to sell it cuz I felt it wasn't worth it, despite all those raving reviews. Even my DIY MMoS based system built from aliexpress stuff feels better.

    Forget about the price of the brick. If you think it's just an overpriced brick, don't buy it and DIY and see if it blows up, or not :)

    No matter how you look at it, €505 in total really ain't bad for an 8 Nm DD system. Even when you go the DIY route.

  • When PURCHASED separately the power brick is an optional upgrade. OPTIONAL…..If you instead order it with the purchase of the DD unit then your unit might as well be a different model. Basically, not technically exact. Meaning a there is a 5nm version and a 8nm version just like the DD1 and DD2. So I don’t see how people are feeling ripped off, when you as the consumer, are given the complete choice as to which “model“ you can buy from the get-go, If you want to buy the upgrade later on, then that’s on you.

  • Why does everyone at Fanatec refuse to answer questions about the BMW M4 GT3 Wheel? I've tried email, facebook, and now they are ignoring questions on here as well.

    It is stated as a Q2 release. Q2 is almost over and we don't even have pricing. Is this vaporware?

  • You clearly didnt read my post, I said most of the things you mention, and the point about overall value, maybe actually read it again :-) I didnt say they should sell at cost price either. Reading is a lost form these days, but commenting isnt ;-)

  • Hank ProkopHank Prokop Member
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    I've been stuck in preorder hell for the last two hours. In cart yet every time I checked out it goes to the screen of death. Finally got an order to go through.. Sadly it went from July to now September. On a side note I thought that it was limited to one per customer. On the site that doesn't look like the case. For the people who bought more than one is Fanatec going to cancel those orders?

  • i see people crying about price of power supply.

    the fanatec support is too kind (even fkng mr Jackermeier here "in person" to answer question, i mean....) to tell you how stupid you are for not understeanding that they are not selling a power supply for 150€, they are selling two version of the same base using this metod so the product is SCALABLE. this is genius and people are complaining.

    they are trying to sell you a DD for the price of a G29 and you are complaining. unbelivable.

  • I stated the same thing earlier my friend. We are just pissing in the wind…..

  • Still one step ahead of us who are not in wave 1

  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
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    I hope Fanatec does cancel the additional orders.

    Like you, I was having trouble pre-ordering. But I calmed down and browsed the internet in a different window. About 30 minutes later, I was printing my confirmation. (Of course I was tabbing between windows like a mad man. LOL)

    I doubt it's scalpers. It's a massive amount of traffic, gumming the site up. At least that is what I hope to believe.

    For me, I see that the 8nm setup was about $70 less than the wheel I was about to buy. That is all I needed to make the purchase. Worrying about how much the power supply is, or trying to say that Fanatec should be more charitable and sell the BK180 for cost, doesn't change the fact that the wheel is cheaper than the CSW 2.5. I can get a direct drive wheel for about the same price as a used CSW V2.5 on Ebay. And I am getting it brand new? I'd be stupid to say no, while having the money to get it.

  • You bought it in wave 1 and will only receive ir middle September? 😬

  • It seems very odd that they have said nothing new about it, but still tease it occasionally in the pictures. If it is delayed, just say so. Given the delivery time on the rest of their products, I'm not optimistic about seeing it anytime soon. I hope they can get the ones for the real race cars in time though! 😬

    And yeah, it's been over 6 months since announcing the wheel - announce the price already.

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