Streamdeck question

I was hoping a Fanatec guru could answer this for me:

I just bought a streamdeck to use as a button box. I quickly realized that it could be far more versatile than I thought:

I used a Formula V2 wheel for about a year but bought the McLaren wheel when it came out. I prefer the McLaren due to the larger diameter and overall feel of the wheel but the one thing it lacks is the ability to change wheel pre-sets for each sim I use. For example, I have my #1 pre-set for iRacing, #2 for ACC and #3 for AMS2. The problem is that with my V2 wheel I could use the rotary dial on my wheel to change pre-sets but with the McLaren I have to go into the software to make the change.

Is there a way that I can program a keystroke into each pre-set so I can put it on the streamdeck and just hit a button to call up the pre-set I want for the sim I am using?

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