Fanatec Shifter Issue


I had the usual issue of the shifter not selecting the correct gears, had Fanatec take it back and fix it. Today I went to switch to H pattern and nothing works, seems to think it is still in Sequential mode.

When I hit the combo to calibrate nothing happens on the wheel, I just get the setup menu, so this suggests it's not even telling the wheel it's in the right mode.

Its plugged into Shifter1

I have opening it and everything looks to be connected still, the slider plate at the bottom hits the little selector to let it know which mode it's in.

I tried updating the firmware to the latest, plugged into Shifter2, etc. The setup page on the PC has the H pattern cal button greyed out.

I am running the following:

CSL Elite 1.1, CSP V3s, BMW GT3 Wheel.

Really starting to get over this shifter, for the price it should be a lot better, anyone have any ideas on how to get this thing going or is off to Fanatec again....


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