Shift / Rev lights.

After a little help please. I’m having an issue with the shift lights on my wheel (F1 2021 edition) using the CSL DD

I have used the recommended settings in Fanalabs to sync with iRacing. Seems to work fine with the GT3, GTE, LMP1&2 cars, however when I use the Skippy I get no lights at all and the Radical it’s just off the range and constantly showing Red lights.

This is all in the same session, as I switch from race to race (so not restarting iRacing between different cars)

Firmware is 415 and Fanalabs is 1.57.4

Any suggestions please?



  • You have to adjust the % or RPM values individually for every car on your own to get them working for every car. There is no "one-setting-for-all-cars" profile.

  • It used to work.

    I have it set to use % of the Rev range though, so it should still a least light up for the Skippy and not be redlining constantly for the Radical.

  • edited November 2021

    Finally managed to get this resolved.

    Not sure why, but even though i had the RPM mode on the LED's set to and showing % it was using values.

    Cleared my profile and set it back up again, now working correctly with all cars showing full LED's when it redlines

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