Podium button module endurance button assignment

Hello all. I recently upgraded from an old MoMo wheel to a DD1, Porsche GT3 Cup wheel and podium button module endurance (among a few other changes), and am loving it. Now, I'm looking for some advice on button assignments. Can anybody give some tips or point me in the right direction to find some advice on assigning which buttons to do what? Many thanks in advance to the community and happy racing!


  • Well, it's been a couple months now, with over 80 views, but no comments. Did I ask the wrong question or did I word it incorrectly and perhaps should have used the term "button mapping" instead of "button assignment". I've still not seen much about button mapping, or the considerations used to map buttons for that matter. I assume, much depends upon what type of racing a person is trying to emulate. All I've found is on YouTube, with none of it applying to my specific gear (podium button module endurance). I personally do GT style the most but dabble in the other classes as well. I may also add, that due to me being on DSL, I don't race online due to the lag and thus do not belong to any leagues or groups that could probably help me. And so, fellow Fanatec users, that's why I'm here asking. Any help would be appreciated

  • Mine is pictured below, note that DRS and boost are on there twice cos I have not taken the top stickers off yet.

  • Paul, you are a godsend! Thank you so much! Looks like a well thought out setup you have. Not only the wheel, but the button boxes also. Take care!

  • No worries, I set the buttons on the wheel up so they can be used across multiple sims. I forgot to mention that the extra paddle on the left I use to change driving view and the one on the right to look back.

  • Thanks again Paul. Also, for the tip on the extra paddles. As I said, looks like a well thought out setup! I too have a profile rig (ASR 6), and one day soon, want to add a button box or 2. I'm liable to be asking for more help one of these days, so I appreciate folks like you willing to take a moment to point folks like me in the right direction

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