Why do we calibrate the Clubsport SQ 1.5?

I was wondering something about why we need to calibrate the shifter and what exactly it's doing when we do this. I have had a few people I know get prompted to calibrate it when they reinstall Windows or get new computers. I recently bought this device and I am curious about the reason why it requires calibration, and seemingly when it is introduced to a new Windows environment but on the same physical hardware. I presume the device has no local storage for configurations and when calibration occurs it is done from the wheel as a means to write the information to the Fanatec driver suite, but I wanted to figure out if that's the case or is there some other reason for it.


  • Correct. Each 'gear' is determined by signals from hall sensors on each axis but these signals are not absolutes so the driver needs to store a local record of the signal from each 'gear' location.

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    You need to do this so the gears can be found properly...

    Has to be done after every Wheel Base FW flash because the information is stored there and gets erased during a Firmware-Flash.

  • I suspected it was tied to the firmware, which means I know more than one person who was messing something up. I thought it was strange two people were both telling me you needed to recalibrate every time you reinstall drivers.

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