FH5 finally working, anyone got recommended settings?!

Hey all,

I finally have FH5 100% working (for me the solution was to downgrade to driver 356 and leave firmwares alone).

Now anyone have recommended settings for DD2?

Is it normal that fanatec is so slow to respond on this? I get that it's a forza problem but if downgrading the driver works maybe they could also do a fix for us?



  • Issue is that it's so random that there is not one solution for all different people. Because also others need to go even further back to v346 to make it more stable. For others it works when using the latest version. For again other people none of the work arounds work.

    I tried al versions from v34x to lastest v4.32 but for me it keeps crashing or freezing. On my side sometimes I have no issues for an hour or sometimes even longer and then at one point I have the issue every few minute. I also still hear people I know that still have crashing issues without using anything from Fanatec.

    In my opinion it's clearly a Game issue that is just not finished yet and way to instable and there is not one solution that makes the game stable. So impossible for Fanatec to also say you need to do this to get it working.

  • Right,

    The issue comes from Horizon and not from Fanatec. I think it's not an input problem, but an output to the input devices.

    If probably the transmission of telemetry data to the wheels.

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