Forza Horizon 4 does not recognize Handbreak on GT DD Pro

I tried to setup my GT DD Pro combined with the Fanatec Handbreak on FH4, but it does not work. If i go to Steering Settings and add want to assign the Handbreak, i can actuate the Handbreak but it does not work. I play FH4 over Steam. With all other Apps like Assetta Corsa, F1, Dirt Rally 2 it works perfect. I have already installed driver 346 since the game crashed all the time, and with that driver it works.


  • I haven't tried FH4 yet, but in FH5 you need to do it under custom profile and make sure you save the profile before you leave that menu. Then load the profile every time you start the game.

    I was gonna try Pro on FH4 over the weekend. So I'd be curious if it works.

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