Spinning out more with the DD Pro than the CSR in Forza Horizon 5

I finally upgraded my 10 year old Fanatec CSR to a DD Pro. I have been using the CSR with the Drivehub and it was actually working very well with FH5 and many other Xbox and PS5 racing games. I just got the DD Pro this weekend and I tried to replicate all of the settings, just to get started. Everything is good except that I seem to be spinning out way more coming out of rough turns. It almost feels like I'm on ice, especially if I play online and get hit from the rear, I'm done. I don't even know how to get the wheel out of auto mode to calibrate the degrees of steering. I hooked it to my PC and set the degrees to 270 like the CSR was (I can learn how to play higher degrees after I get used to it) but when I put it back in Xbox mode it still says Auto and I'm not sure if it's actually 270. Forza Horizon 3 actually has the degrees in the game and I am not spinning out in that game. Any help or advice is appreciated. I also play the WRC games, regular Forza, and I will probably get Gran Turismo and fool around with more of the sim games on the PC, but this is the game I'm playing now.


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