Fanatec H-Shifter not working

I'm trying to configure the gearbox on the PS4 console and it won't let me use it, it's all correct, on the WRC steering wheel the gears go out, and in theory everything is perfect, in the game mode I put manual gear selection in H and in theory everything is fine, but when I start a game, no speed enters the game and neither the clutch nor the gears work, however on the steering wheel it does work, I have tried other games and it works perfectly. that is due, can you help me, thank you.


  • Nobody knows how to solve the problem, to be able to play with the gearshift in H in dirt rally 2 on ps4? Thank you.

  • have you mapped the clutch and individual gears?

  • friend thanks for answering, if the gears in any game work perfectly, but in dirt 2 they do not work for me when playing, on the steering wheel if the gear goes out and in the shifter configuration it also goes out that the gears go in perfectly , but as I say at the time of playing they do not work, and in the game configuration everything is well marked I think, gear change in H with clutch is selected and as I say it does not work, but on the WRC steering wheel on the display if it appears that The gears come in, but then when playing the game you step on the accelerator and clutch and nothing comes in, a strange thing when on the wheel if you are seeing that the gears are coming in, something strange happens and I can't find the reason, let's see if someone could you help me, thanks.

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