Old style CSL pedals and load cell with CSL DD Pro Gran Turismo

John HelzerJohn Helzer Member
edited March 2022 in Pedals

Hey all. I ordered the grand turismo version of the CSL DD. I currently have the CSL elite with pedals and load cell. Curious if anyone knows off the top of their head if my CSL Elite version of pedals will just plug in and work with the new CSL DD wheelbase? Or am I going to have to order the new version of load cell and use the new pedal set. I wanted to use the old pedal set already in place, with loadcell with the CSL DD PRO GT wheelbase, since I already have it and its a nightmare to unmount from my “ cockpit” LOL. I want to sell my buddy my CSL elite with the pedals that the CSL DD comes with. I know I can wait till I receive it any try. But don’t want to damage anything electronically. I messaged fanatic support but have yet to receive an answer. I also searched a bit but only found posts about combining different versions of pedal and load cells, not using the CSL v1.1 pedal assembly just hooked to the new wheelbase with the rj-12


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