Club sport V3 pedals Brakes not detecting

Hello I had my brakes for about 3 weeks. I play on PC and PS5. While playing GT7 I notice my brakes was showing that I was pressing on it lightly So I unplug the pedals from the steering base then plugged it back in. That fixed it but then a week later while playing GT7 my brake stopped working so I updated all the firmware for my pedals steering wheel *GT DD PRO updated drivers on my PC still not working. I tried to calibrate the breaks manually still no go. When I calibrate the brakes for the max pedal position it shows no pressure but when I try to setup the minimum pressure it shows the brakes for fully engaged without me pressing on the brakes. I put in a ticket 2 days ago still haven't heard a response for Fanatec also the technical support line is useless I tried calling but they are always unavailable.


  • Are you on driver 440 ?

    this driver has removed the max value setting on the brake as it was causing problems with brf.

    if that doesn’t work, you may have broken the load cell at the bottom of your brake plunger.

    if broken, raise a ticket with support, tell them you need a new load cell, they will raise a sales quote for you and send you a new one once paid. If you’ve managed to break it, you probably brake pretty hard ? If yes, buy two load cells, they are only 20 euros and at least you’ve got a spare one to hand in case it happens again.

    I’ve broke 2 in the last five years. No 3 is doing well as I’ve learnt that stamping on the brakes was doing me no favours in terms of lap times 👍👍

  • They haven't responded yet where can I order the load cell on the website or do they have to order it for me?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Billy,

    We do not sell replacement load cells directly on the site, the support team will get back you about this.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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